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black Lives matter?

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Black Lives Matter

Q:  What do you think about this Black Lives Matter movement?  Come on, don't be afraid you anit semetic fool, tell us.

A:  Why do I even bother posting this race baiting email question?  First, Black Lives Matter is about Black Lives not the Israelis.  Yes, I know that there are those calling themselves Black Hebrews, but calling yourself something does not really make you that.  For example, a person with BLM tattooed across their body, showing true dedication to the Black Lives Matter movement and then goes out and burns down a neighborhood store, has demonstrated that he or she is an arsonist. Connecting the dots.  If those who are using this new political movement for their own personal gain are not just Black people.  Black Lives Matter leadership, which is hard to pin down, are just a bunch of racist.  They have managed to ride on the wave of deaths, right or wrong, for personal gain and notoriety.  They have managed to practice racism against another race all the while claiming they are the victim.  Look at the new, they are calling for the defunding and dismantling of the Police Departments across the nation.  Who does this help?  Those who want more power for themselves.  Who would fill the void?  Who would then be the power that would keep evil in check?  What they are calling for is Tribalism.  Not unlike how the people live in many of the Muslim countries.  All separated by their trible loyalty and one city or town or village banding together to protect themselves from the other cities, towns or villages.  Imagine a USA like that, each State so independant of the other with a rag tag band of enforcers.  For every White Person that stands up -- no, I mean, that kneels before the Black Lives Matter leaders there is another, maybe another three others that become predjudice against all Black people, not because they had before but because those White people not favoring one race over another have become sick of watching people of color burning and killing and rioting and even threatening further invasion and burning out of neighborhoods.  I personally hate all of this.  The Black and other people of color need to get some strength up to stand up against these groups for the protection of their own lives.  The Black Lives Matter movement is more of a danger to people of color than to anyone else.  Want to turn to tibalism?  In some of the neighborhoods this is already going on -- Gangs, street Gangs ruling varioius neighborhoods and how is that working out?  Why not remove the Police and then see where this all goes.  Murderous, drug pushing gangs will rule and who will stop them, or keep them in check?  Oh, yeah, other gangs of violence.  By the way, who is it these tribal gangs torment and kill?  It is not whites, is it?  No, it is other people of color, each warring for territory.  This is what Black Lives Matters want?  Maybe not, but this is where they are taking us, and for what, a White apology?  For what?  Oh, for being born White.  You do not have to be White to be a racist.  Grow up.  
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