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Micro Chip - Tagging people

Micro Chip Implants?  Mark of the Beast?
East and West Union?

The Mark of the Beast, a micro chip injected beneath the skin?  Perhaps or maybe it is only part of the answer.  Walid Shoebat has pointed out that the number found in Revelation 13, 666, when in it original characters appear as not so much a number but as a message.  Two videos presenting two different view on the Mark of the Beast, a Western view and an Eastern view, and then a third video giving and opposing view to Walid Shoebat.

The first video is a presentation of what the Christians have been teaching and what they are watching for in the Mark of the Beast. The second video is Walid Shoebat's explaination, from and Eastern point of view.   Go to Walid Shoebat's website (www.shoebat.com) for more detailed information on this topic and many others.  A third video questions Walid's reasoning and in the spirit of keeping an open mind it is presented, not to denigrate Walid Shoebat but to work at "rightly dividing the truth" and expanding our spiritual growth.  Still, what Shoebat presents is compelling and we do need to listen to him as he tries to wake Christians up from their sleep.  He sees through the blindness or the US Governement political leaders and the ignorance of the Christians.  Walid does come down pretty hard on the Protestants in some of his teachings and seems to elevate the Roman Catholic Church as a source in his Theology these days.  I think that is partly due to the stubbornness of the Protestant church leadership ignoring what he has been trying to tell them for over a decade.  Now, as the world seems to be exploding under the Islamic sword, there seems to be a craze toward exposing the Muslims as the church of Satan, Walid looks like a Biblical prophet extrodinare.  But, as Walid speaks with passion and can seem abrasive to the sensitive Western ears, he demonstrates a humbleness too.  For example, in his book, "God's War on Terror, Islam Prophecy and The Bible", he presents a very extensive list of Christians past that have argued for the Muslim Beast (chapter 70).  You can go to his site and see what he has to offer -- www.shoebat.com -- or to www.amazon.com to buy or see a sample of his book. Bbut first check out the short videos on the Mark of the Beast.

East and West
What of the possibility that the Easter view of the Mark of the Beast is joined with the Western view of the Mark of the Beast?  One, The Western has a more technical view with some kind of marker place on or in a person.  Many benefits can be seen from this.  Tracking criminals, tracking your children, paying for your groceries, ultimately a cashless society -- "...buy or sell..."  

The Eastern view would fit in better with the Middle East and their society.  Remember the Image of Daniel, beginning with the head of Gold and ending with legs of Iron and clay, feet of rion and clay with the ten toes (Daniel 2:30-45, see the image below in this article).  With the two legs we see the Kingdom of the Image is split but the mentioning of the Ten Toes as a kind of unity.  Is it possible the Two Legs of the image is the East and the West of the Beast power?  Roman Empire is easily identified as the Beast of Iron, but what of the Clay?  The Ottoman Empire, essentially, replaced the Roman Empire -- actually it was the end of the Mulsim, or Eastern take over of all of the Mediterranean area along with all of the Arab states for hundreds of years before the Crusades.  Historically, Hitler and Mussolini attempted a resurrection of the Roman Empire.  When you look at all of the iconography of the Nazis you see all of the symbolism of the Roman Empire.  Before this, however, the Ottoman Empire, a Muslim ruling class attempted a resurrection of the Muslim rule over the same areas of Europe and the Middle East -- Both ended up in failure. I know this all very simplified but you can do a little historical research and pin the timing down and you will see the invasion of Europe by Islam and it took some time before the Europen Christians were able or driven to stop the Islamic insanity.  Have a look at this site for a quick history lesson on this subject about Islam in Europe, historically, not that long ago -- http://www.crf-usa.org/bill-of-rights-in-action/bria-20-1-b-muslim-conquests-in-europe

I am speculating that the East is the Muslim/Islamic leg and the West is the other leg, European/Roman Catholic -- East and West coming together in a union of the Ten Toes (Dan 2:44).  The East, the Clay and the West, the Iron, mixing together, just as they have actually been doing down through the centuries -- not very well.  Two different cultures loosely joined together, clashing from time to time, after all, "iron and clay" does not mix, but an other time is coming when it seems they will try again, under the guidance of 10 Kings.  There is a religious component to both, also, that cannot be ignored.  The Church of the West divided, creating and East and West Christian divide.  The Eastern divide has been consumed by the Eastern religion of Islam.  The main stay of the Eastern Church was centered in Turkey in more modern times.  At a military level Turkey has been quietly building itself into one of the strongest and most modern military powers of the Middle East.  Today Turkey is a complete Islamic nation and the Christians, for the most part, have been driven out, at least the religious leaders have.  They have shut out the Easter Orthodox leadership, banned from Turkey, Christians discriminated against and the world looks the other way, being distracted by other events, as the Muslim Turkey sits building it forces of influence waiting for "that right moment".  Oddly, the West has had nothing to say about this development against the Christians in Turkey, or for that matter in Saudi Arabia, where Christians are banned and we of the West kiss up to the Saudis as friends.  

Today the Truks proudly show off the places the Christians used to live and worship by the thousands but today, non-existent.  It does look like the Turkish nation is positioning itself to head a Middle Eastern Caliphate (lusting for past glories) in an effort to unite all of the Arab States.  Don't forget, the Eastern, Muslim nations are joined to Europe by land, not much of a divide, much like the United States is connected by land mass to the North and the South.  Europe is virtually being invaded by the Muslim populations.  The Muslim influence into the Western thinking of Tolerance is growing, they play on this sensitive attitude, feeding on it as and aide in keeping the Western Christian asleep.  It may not be too far down the road when this mixture of people from the East and the West, which would be, Europe and the the Arab states will become so great they may develope a common cause in order to end their conflict -- possibly to destroy Israel and essentially, all Jews -- these seem to be a common hate among many Europeans and Muslims.  Both of these two, separate and completely different peoples have tried, in the past, to do just that.   Like I mentioned, there is a religious component to all of this, to be sure, and what would the solution be to that division?  How about a religious leader that both sides agree to?  

The East has Islam and the West has the Catholic Church.  Both of these two religions have influenced the Empires of the East and the West, combined, at different times in history.  The religions of these areas were the backbone of these World dominating Kingdoms.  Both the East and the Western powers of Europe have ruled over the same land masses and peoples at different time. What if the religious aspects of both Kingdom builders were to shake hands and join together a military and religiious unity to control, not just the Middle East, but essentially the whole World.  Look at it, between the Roman Catholic religion and the religion of Islam, today, we are looking at a third or more of the world population, and both are growing.  

I see and understand Walid Shoebat's view and it makes a lot of sense with many proofs, and some speculation which does bring out s some question to Shoebat's conclusions concerning this Mark of the Beast -- still, it seems so close, not only in what Revelation 13:18 says as a "nyumber" but in the symbolism too.  And when, as Shoebat points out, the countries involved, proppheticaly, are nearly all  Middle Eastern, and this is why we need to listen to Walid Shoebat's alert -- he should not be ignored.  Then there is the other side, the Western view and exposes of the Roman Catholic Church and its connection to the Roman Empire, the Beast of Iron, the the number 666 as some kind of "mark" the world will need to conduct trade, or to hold a job.  Both Islam and the Roman Church have blood of the Saints on their hands and up to their elbows -- they have both, religions, gotten drunk on the blood of God's people, and all the while thinking they are doing their god a service (John 16:2).

The coming Beast is to be an Empire that existed before but is now dead, as John says in the Book of Revelation 17:7-14, and when it comes back to life the world will be amazed.  So, what is the Empire that keeps coming back to life under different names.  Remember, the image begins with the head of Gold and from there it begins its downward path, with each lower body part representing the next Kingdom (Daniel 2).  

Remember, the vision begins with the Babylonian Empire, but there where other Empires before this, so why did the Vision from the God of the Bible begin with this one?  Answer that question and you may have the answer to which of the Kingdoms is dead but will live again as seen in the vision John Saw.  

(Rev 13:1)  And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
(Rev 13:2)  And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.
(Rev 13:3)  And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.
(Rev 13:4)  And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

Some comparisons are unavoidable.  In Daniel's image the Ten Toes are called Ten Kings, and it is these Kings that will be in existence when our Lord, The Rock cut out and crushing them.  In John's vision we see a Beast that has Seven Heads and Ten Horns and on those Ten Horns are Ten Crowns.  Check box number one.  Then John's vision begins to discribe a Beast in likenesses -- like a Leopard with feet as the the feet of a Bear and a Mouth as that of a Lion -- this a single Beast to whom the Dragon (Satan) will give his power AND his Seat, along with great Authority.  Satan is a powerful Spirit being and has great authority over this Earth.  He and his angels (demons angels) have been cast to this Earth and are trapped (Imprisoned) here, and He is definitely not happy about that.  Read Revelation 12, telling us when and how he and his angels were cast down to this Earth, where the prophetic outcome, place upon the Serpent in the Garden is seen as a true fulfillment -- Satan, that old Serpent cast to this Earth to eat dirt (Gen 3:14).  This powerful being, trapped on this Earth, rages against Heaven and ends up giving his power, his Seat, and his authority to this coming Beast government composed of Ten Kings.  From these Ten Kings are united with the Seven Heads of this Beast there appears to be one to whom Satan gives his essence, his power and abilities to and this Beast representative will have existed previously, apparently dead to history but coming back to life.  Who is the individual that rule with this great spirit power?  Some say the Resurrect Roman Empire and other say it is already here in the form of the Vatican of Rome and the image of the Pope.  
Prophecy is a foretelling of events.  After events come and go it is easy to see how the prophetic word is completed but before a prophetic event actually happens we are mostly guessing.  By following the Word the Prophetic Word, we are making educated guess, to be sure, but still, our Thoughts are not His thoughts but as Witnesses we or our fellow believers in the future will witness the fulfillment of these words and then all will fall in place and make perfect sense and Prove His Words are True over the words of men.  And remember this -- sometimes even Satan does not have a clue, even though he tries to shape history to himself he is not in the loop, so to speak, and is guessing in his actions, and sometimes he just cannot help himself in his own deception and the deception of other.  
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