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Phinehas or Phineas

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The Phineas or Phinehas Priesthood ?

Q: I've been racking my mind over the consistent never ending insanity.
YAHWEH, Knows if such a group as the Phineas Priesthood did, or dose exist. They would have my backing.

A: This is not so much a question as a statement, but I felt it proper to address this remark by one of my readers, personally and to share with other.  Phinehas, Numbers 25 and Joshua 22 give us the account of Phinehas.  Read those two chapters first and then come back here for my comments or just the reverse, up to you.  This was, however, a response to a recent email and as such it may seem to be addressed to you, personally, but it is a shared email between myself and another believer.   

The problem with Phineas: The Phineas        Priesthood was not an actual Priesthood.  Phinehas, or Phineas,        was a member of the Levitical Priesthood.  He was also a        commander in the Israeli army.  Joshua 22 give another account,        besides that in Numbers 25 where Phinehas is leading a large        army of Israelis against three other tribes of States of Israel        -- it ends peacefully, in this case.  Some have used the        Phinehas account in Numbers 25 to justify everything from mass        murder of various races to the killing or attempted killing of        God's own people and to murder people like you and me who would        dare turn our backs on Jesus to worship YaHshua.  Many a brother        and sister have been burned at the stake for not confessing        JESUS (the Zeus), at the hands of those claiming to be in some        kind of angel of death or the Phinehas Priesthood.  Leave it up        to the evil in the hearts of men to take a biblical account and        make it theirs, for their own purposes or excuses to commit        crime against the people of the Living God.

No where do we find YaHWeH or YaHshua putting        their stamp of approval on what Phinehas did -- nowhere do we        read, Good job Phinehas. Moses did not disapprove but        then it is only later we find Phinehas has been promoted (Joshua        22).  Phinehas proved to be a strong arm for Moses and later for        Joshua (YaHshua) as well, but, Phinehas actions, taken out of        context, does not mean this is approved.  Like King David had        his strong arm, in Joab, who later was executed for his crimes        of murder, even though they were for the protection of David.        Phinehas may have been a super righteous man but too many have        take his title to abuse others -- especially those chosen, those        called by the Living God in service to Him.  Hitler had his team        of Phinehas, as did Stalin, and the Roman Catholic Church too.        The Jesuit priesthood is of that Phinehas stamp and have        committed some of the most unspeakable crimes against the People        of the Living God and against the People called to YaHshua and        to confess only Him.  Phinehas may have acted out at the right        time, but he is used today as an excuse to go after you and me        and others like us.  In our New Covenant relationship, what are        we told?  Vengeance is Mine, Says YaHWeH.

More Later.  Over coming is part of our life.  We live in a sea      of sin and strangers and must continue to endure.  Over coming is      not merely to over come what would be immoral but to over come      ourselves.  We fall, we get back up, repent and continue on,      always looking toward the day of His Return and to restore those      things that need to be restored.  How the heathen rage, wrote King      David once.  Whether the rioters know it or not, they are raging      and rioting against their Creator.  We must endure knowing that as      the time draws closer and closer to His return, the Great Quake      and the signs in the skies above must come first and we should not      be surprised but in a state of expectation.  It is given for all      to die once, it is that Second Death we want to avoid.  Peace, Dan
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