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Mary denied contact with YaHshua

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Mary Was Not Allowed to Touch Him

Q:  In John 20:17, Why did YaHshua tell Mary not to touch Him?  

A:  The answer is found in the verse, or what YaHshua said.  Let's read --

(John 20:17) YaHshua said to her, "Don't touch Me, for I haven't yet ascended to My FATHER; but go to my brothers, and tell them, 'I am ascending to My FATHER and your FATHER, to My God and your God .' "

Perhaps this answer is too simple, then again, the simplest answer is usually the right answer.  I have read about how this is all about the Priesthood and restricitons on purity and the like.  Even some have questioned the purity of Mary, maybe it was that time of the month?  No, the answer is because, He had not yet presented Himself before His Heavenly Father, the One that raised Him back to Life, simple as that.  If it were about purity laws then YaHshua would not have been allowed in Heaven because, He lay in the Tomb and he had, himself been a dead man for three days and three night and according to the purity laws you are considered unclean if you touch a death body, so how much more if you are that dead body?  If any purification was going to take place it would be between Himself and His Father, the One Who raised Him back to life, and at that time making Him Immortal.  It should only be fitting that the first Being to touch, or embrace Him would be His Father, the One who gave Him Life in the first place.  

All of the procedures the earthly Priest must go through to purify themselves and to remain purity before entering the Holy of Holies may be a shadow of what YaHshua was to do, but it does not seem to fit, exactly.  The High Priest entering the Holy of Holies had to prepare himself physically and to purify himself, apart from everyone else, before entering the Holy of Holies to stand in front of the Mercy Seat.  Yes, 7-8 days later YaHshua allowed, even invited Thomas to touch Him.  But notice in that account, our Lord had wounds, open wounds, this would have kept any Priest from entering the Holy of Holies. Something else had to have been going on.  In fact, it may be that a Spiritual purification was to take place for Him to take the office as our High Priest in Heaven, but this would have been after Thomas touches His wounds, it seems to me.  

He would be entering the real Holy of Holies in Heaven, to be sure, but that Holy of Holy places, where the actual throne is and the Ancient of Days, our Heavenly Father sits, is not like the Holy of Holies that was in the Tabernacle or the Temple.  Think about it, the Holy of Holies on Earth was a place that man was no allowed, only the High Priest at certain times of the year.  Everyone is kept out by a curtain, and so the place is not visible to the public.  And this is a big difference from the Holy Seat in Heaven -- No Curtain, the Holy Seat is surround by Angels, even angelic beasts and servants.  From the true picture we are given YaHshua is not entering some Temple separated from everyone else and only He would be able to see the Ancient of Days, His Father, and having to go through some purification ritual to enter into the Father's Presence.  Not at all.  If we look at the description we are given of our Lord YaHshua we see that He has a Glory that is far different from that of mere man -- but He also has a smaller eteranl glory of the appearance of man as well (Rev 1:13-15), and is also seen in symbol as a slaughtered Lamb (Rev Chapter 5), even called the Lamb of the Father, as well as His Son, one and only Begotten (John 3:18), but also the First Fruits of many (James 1:18, 1 Cor 15:20, Rom 8:23).  We, by adoption become sons as well -- even sons and daughters (John 1:12, 1 Cor 6:18).

Purity is not set on procedures or incantations or the slaughter of animals -- not any longer.  Just as are told, what makes us pure is not anything we have done or can do but for one thing, to believe and have our hope in Him and Only Him.

(1Jn 3:3) Everyone who has this hope set on Him purifies himself, even as He is pure.

It would seem to me that YaHshua did not have to go through any ritual in Heaven before He could be touched.  It would seem that our Savior had not gone to present Himself to the Father yet, when Mary saw Him walking about in the Garden.  One would wonder why He did not go immediately up into the Heaven of heavens to present Himself to the Father?  My guess is the newness of it all.  This was something that had never been done before.  Yes, people had been brought back from death, Lazarus for example, but this was different, this was not just being brought back to life, this was Eternal Life, to a Previous Glory YaHshua held once before, this was something that had Never been don before, by angel or man.  This was the bringing back to life someone or something that had had eternal life, gave it up, truly died, and then was brought back to Eternal Life.  By this single act the Power of our Heavenly Father is demonstrated and this very same power is then given to YaHshua -- our Savior -- who will save us from death and decay just as He was.  He came from the Spirit, becoming flesh and then returned to the Spirit, while still possessing the ability to come back in the flesh -- Two glories -- and because of His having overcome the finality of death, He now has the Power to give us Life eternal as well.  In our case, however, we are from the Flesh to the Eternal Spirit, while He is from the Spirit, to the Flesh and back to the Spirit.  HallelutYaH.  

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