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Roman Church bans the Use of His Name

Christian Leadership Response
His Holy Name, Banned

Roman Church Bans The Holy Name of God,
The God of Creation, the God of the Hebrew/Christian Bible
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Catholic Church Has Moved to suppress the Name of the God
 A little known fact among those of the Sacred Names movement is that the Catholic Church has never denied the Holy Name of the Creator, the God of the Hebrews, and its use.  In fact they use the Name of YaHweh in many of their songs and even the Name Yehshua, and they use the term Alleluia (Hallelujah) in several songs.  The Name of the Creator has also been used by some in Mass and on other religious occasions.  Surprised?  Well, you shouldn't be, for our God said He would make His name great among the gentiles (Malachi 1:11,12).  Satan, of course, never denies this truth but he must attempt to stop it from among men.

Some may think this is a good thing, after all, like the Jews (Malachi 1: 12) aren't they profaning His Name by going before altars of pagan worship?  This may be the case, indeed, but I see this as Satan's attempt to stop something greater, something more prophetic.  Certainly you would not think Satan is attempting to help YHWH protect His name from the Pagan Christians?  There is another approach to, this,  their "profaning" the Name business.  To "profane" something is not only in bringing discredit to it but also to treat it as something useless, to make it as nothing, and this is done by not using it, by saying, oh, sure He has a name b ut we should not use it, or it is not important.  If you make it useless, as have the Jews by refusing to use it as being too holy and, or, to keep from breaking the commandment against using it in a vain manner, then we rendering the Holy Name of no value, after all, even the pagan gods have names.  They, the Jews do this by telling us His Name is too Holy to use, when in fact they were to be the nation responsible for making His Name great and they failed in this on all fronts -- they profaned it thoroughly, in practice, bringing ridicule upon His Name, and finally by hiding it, or attempting to, and making it useless, as if nonexistent.

Now, we see an opportunity of the largest religious organization on earth to glorify the Holy Name of the God of all Creation, being instead squandered, squashed, profaned -- like the Jews.
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