20 years later, 9/11 - Removing The Fog of Religion

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20 years later, 9/11

Emails & Questions
9/11/2021, 20 Years Later

Q: Do you see any religious emplications in the US withdrawal and defeat, beginning and ending in Afganistan?

Before I answer this question I want to make a disclaimer:  This is in no way a detailed account of past history.  What is presented in this answer is a brief, very brief accounts about what has happened in the last 70-80 years, concerning the USA involvement in other countries.  It is necessary, I believe, to see where the ultimate answer to this question, about "religious emplications, takes us and has taken us -- by us, I mean, USA, on world power holding evil in check.  Remove the USA oversight from the world and see what happens, or, is going to happen.  The ultimate aim of America's enemy and enemies is to diminish, even destroy the Power the USA holds over the world, keeping, literally, evil powers in check.
The present situation, in this year, 2021, may have prophetic implications, in that it may be a softening up of the world population  as you will see.

A: Yes, I do see religious emiplications.  Who is it that has held evil at bay, that has kept evil in check for the last 79 years?  The United States of America, and Satan hates the USA and is seeking ways to destroy this nation and move it out of the way of his and his angels evil plans being directed at Israel.  But more than that, the USA was the main player in WW2, defeating both the German Nazi movement and defeating the Japan's attempted take over of all of the Pacific region.  In a similar way the USA went into Korea to stop China Communism -- that turned into a stalemate and the beginning of the USA not winning another major war since.  

From that stalemate we entered the Vietnam debacle, a war that France had failed at.  Not many remember that it was the French in that region who gave up trying to keep the region of Asia from being consumed by the Communist way.  Under President Kennedy advisors were sent in to help the French under the guise of instructing or helping to instruct the Vietnamese people in how to defend themselves.  The French eventually pulled out and the USA, under the Demoncratic President Kennedy, began to pump troops in to fill the French, failed, vacuum.  That was one of those wars (Military Police action?) where the Military leadership would point fingers at the Political leadership, as the cause of the failure to win that war.  President Kennedy was so well liked, however, that the Military complaints were ignored.  President Kennedy was assasinated and this brought Vice President Johnson into office and he dealt with the Vietamese problem just as poorly.  He was, however, later, elected to the Office of President, beating our Arizona's Barry Goldwater, so the Democratic policies continued on into the ultimate failure in Vietnam.  

By 1969, people had had enough of the failed Democratic Leadership -- however, if we were to compare the Democratic leadership with that present Leadership they, that is Kennedy and Johnson administrations would look like gods -- the present Democratic leadership could not be any worse than if it were run by demons, not real human beings.  Now, you know how I and many others feel about what is going on in this present age.  

Let's move on, in an effort to explain the "religious angle" about what is presently, in 2021, going on.

Johnson is ousted and Nixon is voted in.  Now we have a Republican President -- finally someone who will make things better -- No, no and no, not going to happen.  President Nixon was the overseer of the withdrawal of our troops and thousands of Vietnamese people from Vietnam delivered into the USA to find a new life (1969-73).  The images on the television were terrible and heart breaking, but the public was so happy to see this all come to an end, tired of hearing about the rising death toll of young men (58,200 American Military deaths) and then all of the finger pointing about who was at fault -- and -- the politicians and political families had become so entrenched, on both sides, that everyone ends up covering for everyone, and, again, the public was sick and tired of the chaos and just wanted to get back to a calmer, sweeter life.  

This would not last long, however, as the USA invaded Iraq to liberate Kuwait from the invader, Saddam Hussein, dictator of Iraq.  In retrospect, if we had left Saddam Hussein alone and let the Middle Eastern countries sort this out for themselves we would not be where we are now.  The decision to invade and liberate Kuwait and then to go full on to get rid of Saddam Hussein, all came about under a Republican administration, under the guidance of President George Bush.  It was like the administration was looking for an excuse to go after Saddam Hussein and in my brief understanding of what actually took place, having witnessed this historical event on the News every night, is this -- The Bush family had become very close friends with the Saudi family.  It is another story, explaining how this all came about, but as friends of the Saudi family and their willingness to give us air bases and military outpost, even though it was against this Muslim nations mandate that no non-muslim presence was to be allowed.  Not may know this.  Saudi Arabia is a complete Muslim State or Nation.  Jews and Christians are not allowed.  There are ways, however, to circumvent this ruling.  This allowance for US base to be established gave the Saudis a huge hammer to use in the area, especially against their enemies.  Their enemies became out enemies, once the Bush family allow our military to be used to punish the Saudis enemies, like Saddam Hussein.  

After the US military crushed Saddam and threw Iraq into chaos and released all of those Muslim radicals that Hussein had held captive by imprisonment of by shear force of arms and ruthlessness, also keeping the Sunni Muslims and the Shiite Muslems at bay -- he was of the Bath party, a different type of Muslem family.  Saddam used the powers of a dictator to keep a lid on these Muslim populations and when we eliminated Saddam and tore his military machine apart we unwittingly set lose the Al quida mongrels, thirsting for blood.  Our military had hammered Saddam into submission, eventually hanging Saddam for war crimes.  Now Iraq was up for grabs and the Muslim radicals were running amuck, one despotic leader after another rising up, but for a minute it looked as if we had a handle on this and all of this made the Saudis very happy -- after all, many of those set free by US troops were Saudis.  More on this limited detail to follow.

Then some of those Muslim radicals, soon to be called, Al qaeda, hijacked passenger planes and flew then two of them into the Twin Towers and a third into the ground, barely avoiding its target, the Pentagon -- the bravery of those aboard, prevented that last target from being successful -- true American heroism.  These radicals had been traced back to Afganistan.  Afganistan?  So, we invaded Afghanistan, under another Bush, Bush Jr, and when the call went out, which was hardly necessary as the recruitment offices were flooded by military.

This launched our invasion into Afghanistan but President Bush was not satisfied and after putting Al qaeda on the run he authorized the invasion of Iraq -- one of the greates military debacles of all time, in my opinion.  Who is running Iraq now?  We are presently -- September 2021, withdrawn from Afghanistan and Iraq?  It is going to be interesting to see what the New Afghanistan will do with all of the military equipment we left behind in dealing with their neighbor, Iraq.  

Update, September 10, 2021:

It is not that the Muslims, of the Islamic religion are more evil than others but they are continuing in an activity everyone but drug cartels have abandon as a sin against humanity.  Forget about this for a minute and ask yourself -- Why so much hatred toward the United States for something in the past, which the United States has paid for in blood and tears to deliver those enslaved, working to be release the people from such religious tyranny?  Make not mistake, this is not Islam only -- the Roman Church, claiming to be Christian and Christianity, have had their day the blood of the innocent and had to be driven back to their hole and out of the affairs of government.  The same will have to happen with Islam or it will infect the whole world and humanity will suffer.  Why are those whose culture still practices slavery, allowed to become part of the United States political system?  The hypocrisy is stifling, beyond belief but continues to this day.  

The USA has withdrawn from Afghanistan, leaving behind some Americans and billions in military assets, now under the control of those the USA spent 20 years trying to reform.  A complete failure, except in one way -- so long as we had troops in that country the USA has not experienced another 9/11.  We do not need to go into all of the disgraceful details -- watch Newsmax or Fox News and a couple of other networks for the coverage of embarrassment, under the Presidency of Joe Biden and crime family.  What a disgrace.  The only good thing is, we are out of there. Still, one has to wonder, Why did the military leave behind all of that military equipment?  They had month to move it as they knew we were getting out, whether under Trump or Biden, so why was it left behind?

My guess would be money.  If all of this military equipment was brought back to the US what would they do with it?  It was already bought and paid for but the upkeep and inventory would mean that the Military manufactures of such equipment would not be doing anything to sell new equipment to our newly, reformed branches.  See?  Leave that stuff over there and we can sell more new stuff.  It is always about the money.  You know, Afghanistan would be worth invading just to get hands on all of that military equipment and high technology.  Also, something to note -- Afghanistan is not a, One Party rule.  Nope, they are tribal, mostly, and there are at least three different factions that could be at each others throats in the near future. Maybe they will implode on their own?  Of course, the worst of the worst, is that they now have the means to strike the USA by using some of the military equipment our genius military leaders left behind.  

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