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Cannot Prove God Exists?

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You Cannot Prove God Exists --  אֱלֹהִים  יהוה

Q: You can't prove there is a god. I get really sick and tired of listening to all you religious peoples saying there is a god.  For get about some mythic savior god too.  No one can prove it.  

A:  You are right.  I know this is not really a question but this is not the first time we have run into someone saying this, in different ways, but the same.  Once, at a family reunion one of the couples jumped all over me.  They were taking turns, left, right, right, left.  One saying, Dan, your supposed to be some kind of smart guy..." then the other " can't prove god exist."  I said, Yes, you are right.  Then they proceeded to tell me about someone much smarter than me, with lots of letters behind his name, who had a DVD out that i should listen to.  I did not bother telling them that I had already heard this guy, and while he sounds really smart, he is as blind and stupid as the rest of those in denial.

But, it was later, being plagued why this accusation, not just from them, but others as well.  They are right, of course, I cannot prove there is a God, at least NOT TO THEM.  If they will not see what is around them then what can I do?  I can make some good points but they will come back with their quotes from other really smart people, and around and around we go.  If I can, and I have at times, overcome all of their objections with clear logic and some of the latest finds in Earth Science, they will just divert to someone else that is still, smarter than me or them.  Of course, trying to use the Bible as any kind of Authority is not permitted.  They, however, can quote the wisdom of men all they want.  Because of this, my pat answer has become, No, I cannot prove that God exist .... to you. None is so blind as those who will not see.

Here we are, at a table, sharing a view looking out over the Pacific Ocean as far as you can see, birds flying, a seal pops up near the peer we are on, the a whale breeches, and people are all up and down the beach. Looking at all of this life surrounding us, it is amazing to me how anyone can think this is all by accident.  This, however is actually another proof that the Bible is right.  

For those who have written to me and other on other websites complaining about anyone believing in a god, the question for you is -- Why do you care?  Why are you bothering to bother those who do believe?  Why does it seem to disturb you so much that you feel compelled to make such remarks?  Why are you so mentally disturbed?  If you really believe what you believe then why should you bother, unless, of course, you are mentally deranged.  One thing is certain, what you believe to be a myth or whatever in your path of denial changes nothing.  If you are right, then so what?  If I die believing in a Creator and a Savior and there really is nothing, then what have I lost?  Nothing, maybe a better life, but in death -- if you are right -- then I have gained nothing and lost nothing either.  But, if I am right, along with a few millions of other, and we are right, then we will have not only received the blessing in this life but an Eternal Benefit in the life to come, that is after death.  But for you, if you are right, your outcome will be the same, nothing, so you get what you want, nothing, and you do not even get the opportunity to tell me that you were right and I was wrong.  But, if I am right, and you are wrong, then you may get exactly what you wished for -- nothing.  You may enter eternal darkness, gone forever, receiving just what you believe.  And I and many others will go on to live into eternity in a better state, and perhaps with the ability to explore all of Creation.  Too bad for you, either way.  

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