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The following links (below) will help you in your Bible studies and research.  We do not agree with many of the doctrinal issues some of these support, but find these sites stimulating and many things that will lead you to a balanced approach. Like having or resourcing more than one Bible translation as we "...rightly divide the Word of truth".  The biggest difference between what we are doing and those of the Hebrew Roots Movement or the Sacred Names Movement is that we are not trying to restore the Old Covenant, they are.  We look for the 7,000 that have not bowed to the false Christian god or other false gods of the world as well as rejecting Temple Worship.  Still, many having not fully understood the New Covenant still have a lot of truth and thought provoking teachings but we do not in any way place our seal of approval on any of these various groups, just like we do not place our seal of approval on a single translation of the Holy Bible.

EMAIL Comments to: -- I would not take this site literally, so to speak.  Thought provoking, perhaps? -- Jewish/Hebrew newpaper online -- This site has several choices in Holy Name or Sacred Name bibles.  --  An interesting site if you are interested in researching language and letter origins -- This timeline is far from comprehensive but touchs major points -- Very interesting site -- perfect example of arguing over a "vowel" lettering -- still a site full of interesting subjects that may be of interest to your own studies.  Many sites like this one I would direct you to for fun, for expanding your study and understanding, so you see how others are thinking -- this does not mean we follow them.  Again, we are working to "rightly divide the truth" -- gold mining, you might say, for the precious nuggets wherever we find them.

The ELIJAH -- or -- ELIYAH sites -- some have interesting information and research.  We do not in any way support or agree with many of the Doctrinal positions they take.  These sites choose to use the name of Elijah or Eliyah, which I believe is very suggestive of who they are and very misleading.  I have known several works taking on this as an identity for their groups or personally and in some cases the followers see their leader or Elder as the end time Elijah. That is a big name an meaningful name.  Our Savior said that John the Baptist came in the Spirit of Elijah but I question if any of these groups or individual are anywhere near that level.  Proceed with caution --  I list some of them here only for your own research: - This site has been around for some time.  Lots of info and, again, things to spur your intellect but not to set your heart on. This site is of interest for the Conversion Calendar he has developed -- the Elijah Calendar.   UPDATE: The author of this site made a mistake a lot of prophets (?) have made -- forecasting events that never happen -- He admits his error or errors but still? Reading Deut 18:20-22.  We can all make mistakes but to think we can forecast the Mind of God is a really big one.
      Always be careful and if you feel that those who jump to conclusions that prove to be in error and that are truly False Prophets or teachers then Maybe you should have nothing to do with them -- you decide -- one thing is sure, we are not to invite them into our place nor bid them a blessing --  (Mt 24:5, 11) - a lot of stimulating research, to be sure but maybe the Name he choose for his site is a bit presumptuous -- Elijah's record, from the Old Covenant writings, never made a mistake when speaking for YaHWeH?  But then the real Eliyah had the full Spirit of his God, YaHWeH, backing him up. -- This site has The Scriptures version of a Holy Name restored bible, based on the KJV, which you can resource online or you can purchase a hard copy.  This is a Hebrew Roots based Site.  Again, lots of good info and research for your own study and research into the Word.  And, again, I do not support many of the Doctrines this site teaches.  Use it as a source to stimulate your own study, not as a source for setting doctrine. -- This is listed only as an oddity -- The title suggest they speak in the "voice of EliYaH", the famous Prophet of Torah fame.  EliYaH's name declares the Name of our Creator, YaH, YaHWeH and YaHshua, our Savior.  But this site uses and preaches in the name of JESUS, IESUS, IESVS, a name that does not contain our Creator's Name, but a name that has a history of only about 400 years and is used to replace our Savior's Birth Name, YaHshua, YaHushua, or the Old English transliteration, JOSHUA.  --  This site was suggested to me by an interested reader and truth seeker.  After a brief preview I can see the value in such a site.  It is not promoting any particular religion but covers the major religions of the world and their teachings and writings, as opposed to being a Christian only site.  It can be very informative if you are so inclined or just curious.  However, as mentioned in other links, if your spirit says to stay away, then by all means, stay away.  I do not condone nor support any worship or religion other than our Lord YaHshua, as the one and only Savior, period.  Sites like this one are for research only, again, not for setting doctrine.  Sometimes we can understand the enemy and how the enemy has influenced the innocent of the world by understanding the pagan religions of the world.  One thing is sure, this site will help you see just that -- how the deception of "religion" is different, along cultural lines, but the same in content.  This is where some have jumped on the train -- we are all worshiping the same god, just in different ways -- scenario.  This, of course is a big lie but many of the major religions are beginning promote this idea, and idea that even Pope John Paul advocated.  So, be careful, the study of "religion" for the sake of "religious study" can be time consuming and end up taking you far afield from growing in the knowledge of our Lord, YaHshua.  

(2Pe 3:17)  You therefore, beloved, knowing these things beforehand, beware, lest being carried away with the error of the wicked, you fall from your own steadfastness. But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior YaHshua the messiah. To him be the glory both now and forever. Amen.

Peace, your servant, Dan  -- comments or corrections to:

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