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YaHshua or YaHWeH

His Name

YaHshua or YaHWeH
YaHshua – YaHWeH – Yeshua
By Your servant, Dan L Baxley

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The Mystery of the Missing  H is revealed in this article and you will be amazed

So much information is available on the internet it can make your head swim. But the nuggets are there and even though we find a lot of garbage it can be worth the search so long as  you make sure you use your Bible as your source of final truth. When miners go for the gold they have to remove a lot of trash first and so does the Bible student when looking for the truth.  When a diamond is examined for purity an glass, a loupe, is used -- our Bible is our loupe or magnifying glass we use to examine what may appear as bright and beautiful for the flaw, for the crack that reveals it as false.  

To anyone with half a mind to research if the Name of our Savior has been changed or not, and replaced in the translations we have today, the reward is in uncovering this truth and seeing how the Holy Bible is revitalized by this discovery can be enormous. Once you know this to be true then you will be confronted with those within the, so called, Sacred Names Movement, presenting His Name in different forms – which of these is right. Now that you have come to this knowledge of deception and you want to correct the error and begin using our Savior’s birth name, it suddenly seems to become so confusing? But, wait, it does not have to be, not at all. I have debated this issue with those supporting this version or that, of His Name in Hebrew, Aramaic, Jewish, Orthodox Jewish, Christians, and Sacred Names peoples and articles on this subject and the one constant, the one common denominator is the Name as YaHshua, our savior revealed it and as it is found throughout the Scriptures, but for some reason, the argument and arguments all seem to turn on the middle or the last part of The Name. The fact is, the last part, and parts of The Name (The Shem) is the definition, or the explanation, if you will, of what the Name is about, or about to do – not the Name itself but the “authority” of the power behind the Name. Let’s start with the common element, the common denominator, upon which nearly all with the understanding that the name JESUS is false, use and understand – sort of.
Common Denominator
There is a common thread and this common thread, which is not so common, is the name YaH (YH). All too often this Name has been referred to as the “short form” of the Tetragrammaton (Four letters of the Name of God of the Hebrew Scriptures – from the Greek and late Latin – tetragrammatos). When we see this is not a short form, but The Name of the God of all creation, the One who sustains of all things and the Salvation of mankind – our Savior – then things begin to fall into place and the “Word” is able to speak to us more clearly.

Some will go off the deep end when hearing this. I ask that you consider it, that you think about it, that you pray about it. Our Creator, or Heavenly Father and our Savior intended we use Their Name in a personal and intimate way. Not as some power source, or some magical formula but in as the Name of our personal friend and Savior, the identity of our only hope. He tells us He will not give His Name to another (Isa 42:8, Ex 23:13, John 5:43), but this is what has happened, among men – His Name has been covered, hidden and the name of our Savior, changed, causing many to accept “another name”. Our Creator and Savior’s Name declares who they are, and what they can and do accomplish. The first part of the Name or the God of Abraham and Isaac is indefinable, referring only to the person of the One and Only God. The last part identifies who He is, and what He can do, or will do.

If you can accept this you will see how everyone is arguing over what our Creator and Savior can or will do. YaH Shua, which is to say, YaH Savior, or YaH Salvation and from this we know our Savior is YaH, or, YaHshua. Some argue the more correct is, YaHushua, even YaHoshua. YaH u Shua, is to say, YaH is my Savior, or, YaH is Salvation. Do you begin to see what is happening? Next you have the same thing happening with the Name of the God of the Hebrews, YHWH – YaHWeH. Remember, the “a” and the “e” is not part of the Name, but are vowels replacing the vowel points used to aid the reader in pronouncing His Name. So, when you see people arguing over these vowels as part of the Name you can ignore them as it just is not so. Again, remember, His Name, YaH (YH) is not definable, it is the Name of the One God and He wants us to call Him Father, He wants a personal and intimate relationship with us. When you go through the Hebrew Scriptures in Hebrew or English you will see over and over again His Name declared, and declaring His attributes. Just as YaHshua or YaHoshua declares our Savior and our Salvation, something only He can do. Who do you suppose raised our Savior back to life? And let us not forget, our Savior told us He came in His Father’s Name (John 5:43) – if He came in His Father’s Name He most certainly came in the power and “authority” of His Father too. Some try to argue this verse did not really mean He, YaH Shua, came, literally, in His Name, which is very odd and makes sense to the world in rejecting His Name and denies the plain interpretation of this verse.

Once we establish the consistency of His Name and this Name associated with descriptive clauses we begin to see the correct pattern and abuses His Name Has suffered at the hands of the experts. Go to the article “Shouting His Name”, and you will see example after example of His Holy Name being used over and over in descriptive declarations.

This brings us to the often argued Arabic name, Yeshua. I say Arabic as that is what it is, everyone says it is Aramaic but the language of the Arab people, one of the Semitic languages but not Hebrew, nor Jewish, nor the same language spoken by our Savior and the Apostles of the first century. You will notice right off, the name is not in this “name”. When you go to the Hebrew for this term you find it means “salvation”. Look up the word for “salvation” and you will see this is true. Those pushing the term “Yeshua” as our Savior’s name are actually trying to turn a declaration term into a name. Read Isaiah (Isa YaH) 52:10, “…all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation (yeshua) of our God”, and Isaiah 12:2 “:..behold God is my salvation (yeshua)”.

Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary, H3444



Feminine passive participle of H3467; something saved, that is, (abstractly) deliverance; hence aid, victory, prosperity: - deliverance, health, help (-ing), salvation, save, saving (health), welfare.

This is the term they want you to use as a name (When I say, "they", I mean just about everyone from Jewish scholars to Christian Scholars and Bible teachers all). This is the same reasoning those say “Lord” is His Name, or “God” is His name. These are terms that demand you answer the question, “Which God is your God, which Lord is your Lord”? In the case of the term “salvation” this does not work so good, “salvation” is from someone, or “yeshua” is from someone, it is not someone. YaHshua is to say, YaH is my yeshua, but we are more comfortable saying, YaH is my Salvation. Not to belabor the point, but all the same, YaHshua means, YaH is Salvation, but yeshua means only salvation. You could write, YaH is “yeshua” and be correct because that is what He is.

You will notice in the Name Scroll in the Title of this article, both the Name YaHWeH and YaHushua are presented together.  It is some, including me and a few others I know, believe that YaHWeH and YaHshua are one and the same.  YaHshua in His previous Glory was known as YaHWeH.  We can all agree that YaHWeH is the God of the Old Covenant or Testament, which the Jewish people and the Israeli people lived under as the Covenant people.  What if we can prove that YaHshua was the author of the Old Covenant, or Testament and that it we He whom entered into this Covenant.  Well, here is that proof, from your own Christian Bible --

(Heb 9:13)  For if the blood of goats and bulls, and the ashes of a heifer sprinkling those who have been defiled, sanctify to the cleanness of the flesh:
(Heb 9:14)  how much more will the blood of the messiah, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without blemish to the FATHER, cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living the FATHER?
(Heb 9:15)  For this reason He is the Mediator of a New Covenant, since a death has occurred for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the First Covenant, that those who have been called may receive the promise of the eternal inheritance.
Heb 9:16  For where a last Will and Testament is, there must of necessity be the death of Him who made it.
Heb 9:17  For a will (Testament) is in force where there has been death, for it is never in force while he who made it lives.

Hebrew, Chapter 9, should be read and reread as it explains the transition from the Old or First Covenant to the Second, called the New Covenant or New Testament.  It is called a Will, a Last Will and Testament, which is how the First Covenant is being compared and we are told that the ONE WHO MADE, would have to die in order to bring it to and end and replace it with a New Covenant, a New Testament, containing the Promise of Eternal life.  Notice, the One who made it must die to end the one and start or enter into the other.  Who was it that died?  YaHshua, the author of the First Covenant -- in other words, the God of Israel and Judah, YaHWeH, who came to us in the flesh to reveal the Father -- Matthew 11:27.  


In the following article you will see examples of this faulty reasoning based on a faulty premise, that Yeshua is the correct name and all others are wrong. This author of what follows is actually attempting to show that the Aramaic inherited from the time of Mohammad is in error, and the complete article (I will post later) goes on in an attempt to prove that the bogus name JESUS is actually correct, as a result of the evolution of languages. For now I want to present this material as a visual. The flip side of the coin, you might say, and a very detailed coin it is, but I would like for you to notice, in every example given by the article below, it is just as I have said; the complete Name in the Hebrew contain His Name YaH (YH) while the Arab Aramaic does not. That is the argument for using “Yeshua” that it is the Aramaic of our Savior’s Name and this is the language the Apostles spoke. We find in Acts 21:40 Paul address his people in Hebrew and in Acts 26:14 our Savior addressed Paul in the Hebrew tongue – what happened to the Aramaic? Also the Aramaic of then is not the Arabic Aramaic of now. YaHshua identified Himself to Paul as YaHshua, or perhaps, YaHoshua, but not as “yeshua”. I hope you find what follows interesting and informative.



This example above is not my study. I found it really interesting and I hope you do too. You can visualize the Hebrew lettering, reading from right to left; you see the Y and the H in the Hebrew characters plainly. Keep in mind the letters “e” and “a” are vowels to aid in the pronunciation and are not part of the Name (The Shem). In the example above the author uses the “e” vowel and what most do not realize is this “e” is a “long e”, or “ee” in pronunciation (phonetically) is nearly identical to the same phonetic sound as the “a”. Technically, those using the “e” should present it as “ee”, called the "long e", but that looks too weird so they let the reader think it is the “short e”, or they just do not know.  Now, for the clincher -- The "long e", is the Greek replacement for the Hebrew H.  From IH to Ie, and the Name begins it change.  Original Latine IHS to Ies -- later, ous is added.  Proof?  This is a very important find --

The Bible in the British Museum, Interpreting the Evidence, T.C. Mitcuell -- Page 96, fourth paragraph, last line:  

"The second extract (II) begins with the leper addressing Jesus with the words didaskale ie (sou), ‘Master Jesus’, a combination not found in the New Testament.  The abbreviated spelling of the name of Jesus IH, ie, may be seen in the twelfth surviving line of the second side of the first fragment.  This is shorter form of the abbreviation IHS, the first three letters of the names Iesous, which is so often seen in modern church decoration.  (For H in the Greek long e, ….)"


The e, a long e, is the Greek replacement for the Hebrew H.  Get it?  Think about it, this is an astounding reveal -- the H is dropped out of His Name in exchange for the little letter "e".   Talk about doing violence to our Creator's Holy Name, this is it. Now, restore the H and drop the "e" -- if you retain the "e" it should be in the long form and then it would sound like the "a" vowel -- thus, YaH.  Of course there is the Leading letter, J, a letter that used to be the Greek, I, replacing the Hebrew Y.  Getting the picture?  See how the changes came -- one at a time, not all at once, and over several centuries.  And, as the letters changed, so did their pronunciation, until the Christian world ends up with a name like JESUS, instead of His Birth Name YaH-shua.  

Okay, the “e” out of the way (joking), we see the article is dealing with how His Name is used in Aramaic and how they screw it up. Armed with your thinking cap and guided by the Spirit I do pray you can see this clearly – the arguments among the Sacred Names groups and some Hebrew/Jewish groups is not really over His Name, that seems to be hidden from them in plain sight, but they argue over letters not even found in His Name and over letters added and in one outstanding case, a letter of His Name removed, as in the name, Y’shua, or Yeshua, or Yeshu.

As more and more Christians wake up to this truth and begin to look for His birth Name we see the popularity of His Name written as, Yeshua coming into vogue. Many times the believer will hear a teacher, preacher or prophet using both the name, JESUS and Yeshua interchangeably. While this is so much better and is moving you and others toward the truth the replacing of the bogus name JESUS completely is still a problem for the truth seeker and the name Yeshua falls short too (pun intended). Some say this form, Yeshua, is the short form – not!

Yeshua is only part of the name -- a major letter has been dropped, effectively cutting the Name of our Creator God in half. In the title of this article you will notice the two primary Names for the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament both contain the transliteration from the Hebrew letter to the English, “H”, while the Judaized and Christianized, Yeshua, or Y’shua, have dropped the “H” completely. I have read nearly every argument there is about why we should be using the name, Yeshua, instead of YaHshua and always come away with a bad taste, longing for the day we will be given a pure language putting an end all of this nonsense (Zep 3:9). Oh, and then there are those that claim YaHshua should be spelled, YaHushua.

Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary and Baker’s Complete Word Study -- when looking up the Old English transliteration, Joshua -- has it, Yahoshua. It seems the “o” and the “u” are to be pronounced the same? They say you cannot find the name, YaHshua, in the OT so we should use, Yeshua?  Yes, use the name Yeshua, with both a missing H and the mission O letters? What is the logic behind this?  Sounds like some kind of conspiracy to me.  Their faulty logic is due to the fact that they cannot connect the false name JESUS with any Scriptural reference, so these scholars need to find something in the Old Covenant writings that they can connect to, even if it means telling the lie.  You see, the name Yeshua is found in the Old Testament, as a name, some 30 times and as the term salvation some 90 times. Then they have to make the leap saying that Yeshua is the same as the Greek JESUS.  The Crazy thing is that the bogus name JESUS is not Greek.  Also, if they are really serious about this then why not replace every occurrence for the fake name JESUS with the more correct, according to them, Yeshua?  If we have this Name, Yeshua, then why are they continuing to use the name that has only existed for about 400 years?  That is, if Yeshua is His Name?  Yeshua is correct but YaHshua is not?  Look at the examples in the above presentation, you will find no letter or character for the “u” or the “o” these are supplied by the translators, whomever that may be, or the reader, whomever that may be. It would be a matter of choice, and not part of His Name.  The translators have chosen to put this letter in just as they use vowels, all letters that are not part of His Name, but only used as aides to pronounce.  This must be understood, just because a translator inserts a letter does not a new name make.  

Clearly, if the name they claim, Yeshua, is the Aramaic (Arabic) and has dropped the “H” character as has the Jewish version of this same, shortened, name, the neither is correct, they are all wrong. Yeshua is not correct, and is not fully His Birth Name -- even so, the Christians replace even this name with another, completely different name. If you want a short version then go with, Yehu, or YaHu, as seen in some personal names such as Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel. YaH is also called the short form of YaHWeh, and this Name is found in the Bible -- Ps 68:4.  No U and not O and it is absolutely a form that is correct to use, and it has nothing in common with the bogus name JESUS.  I pray this has helped you, I know it has me.

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