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Fog of Religion?

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Fog Of Religion?

Q: What do  you mean by your web title, Fog of Religion?

A:  The full title for this site and the other, is "Removing the Fog of Religion".  I choose this title because of a similar saying, "The Fog of War" -- meaning -- the "uncertainty of war".   In a like manner, the "uncertainty of religion" and the reason everyone seems to be going in different directions.  Some of the same worship point fingers at those that do not do things exactly as they do and call them cults or other names.  For example:  Mormons worship Jesus as Savior, and the Jehovah's Witnesses also worship Jesus as Savior, as do other Christian Spiritualist, all calling on and worshiping a Savior called JESUS.  The fog of religion covers this truth and causes those claiming to be followers of the words of the Holy Bible (YaHshua's words and the writings of his Apostles) to point fingers at one another and cry, "cult", "cult" and "cult", not being able to see clearly.  The first thing we need to see clearly and to blow away the fog is the truth of His true Identity.  He was born YaHshua, and given this name by Mary and Joseph, a Name given to them to name Him by the Angel Gabriel.  When you understand that the name, JESUS, did not exist until around 400 years ago, and that His Name, the Name under and by which we must be saved (Acts 4;12) is not this name JESUS.    Then looking further into the matter, if your eyes are opened, then you see He was given a special Name, a name found among mankind with a specail message, YaH shua, which is to say, YaH is Savior, then you have removed the "fog of religion", that covers this all important truth.  

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