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Yahveh or Yahweh?

His Name
Yahweh or Yahveh, Which is it?

By Your servant, Dan L Baxley

Looking at the Hebrew Alphabet chart, we focus on the top row, the fourth letter from the left.  You will notice that right under this letter there are three choices, these choices are to help in vocalizing what that one Hebrew letter is supposed to sound like. The three-letter, transliterated into the English is -- v, o, and u.  Notice, that the W is not mentioned?  But wait, remember, this is coming from Hebrew sources and most, if not all, of these Hebrew sources, do not want you to be able to say His Holy Name.  In their own righteousness, they see the use of His Holy Name as breaking one of the Commandments not to use His Holy Name in Vain.  This goes back centuries but was not always that way.  Recall that our Creator and the God of Israel did, in fact, Identify Himself to Moses, to whom He then commanded to Identify Himself to all Israel.  Strange things are happening here and, hopefully, we can unravel what has been hidden behind the curtain?  Further down you will see another Hebrew Chart that should clear all of this up, once and for all -- this new chart illustrates the Older version in the Hebrew as it is moved to the Modern version and this is where the change from the W, waw, to the V, or vav sound, takes place -- thus, changing the pronunciation of His Holy Name away from its Original to something else.  The only thing that does not change is the meaning -- to be, or cause to be, or to exist, also, was, is, exist -- YaH-Causes to Be, or YaH-is, or YaH-was, to be, is, exists, makes, creates, He is the HaYah, or as the Old English mistranslated, I AM in Exodus 3:14 -- I AM is, from the Hebrew, hayah, meaning, The YaH.  Whatever follows this indefinable Name, explains what He is doing or has done or both.  
We are told that you cannot know how to pronounce His Holy Name.  We are told, also, that His Holy Name is pronounced as YaHVeH and not YaHWeH, but others say that is wrong and it is YaHWeH and not YaHVeH.  This thin thread of denial is used to confuse those coming into this Knowledge.  A knowledge that contrary to the critics has never been lost.  If it has not been lost then why the disagreement?  It is my belief that those who say that we cannot know because, as they are quick to point out, a single letter changes how His Holy Name would be pronounced, and because no one can know which letter, we then, cannot know.  This may cause those newly introduced to this idea that we have all been fooled and lied to by our religious leaders and scholars about how to say or identify our Savior from other Saviors or gods.  Oh wait, I thought we were talking about the God of Israel, you might ask?  We are, most certainly, and to keep it simple, to begin with, we read that our Savior said that He came in His Father's Name (We have much more to say about that in a different study).  He stated, more than once that He came in the Father's Name, and that He came to reveal the Father.
(Joh 5:41-2)  I don't receive glory from men. But I know you, that you don't have God's love in yourselves.  (They had the love of men within themselves, the love for their own peers and family, but lacked the true Love of God )
(Joh 5:43-44)  I have come in my Father's Name, and you don't receive me. If another comes in his own name, you will receive him. How can you believe, who receive glory from one another, and you don't seek the glory that comes from the only God?  (At the time these verses were composed the name, JESUS, did not exist, but the name, YaHshua, or Joshua, in the Old English did -- remove the idea that when these verses were said and then recorded that the bogus name, JESUS ever existed among men - Acts 4:12)
(Joh 17:26)  And I have declared unto them Your Name and will declare it: that the love wherewith You have loved Me may be in them, and I in them.
(Joh 17:11)  And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through Your own Name those whom You have given me, that they may be one, as we are.  (We are made One with Him, with Them, in and by His Holy Name)

We could go on and on with this, verse after verse, but these suffice for now, to make the point.  When those words were recorded His Name was not in dispute, the Apostles all taught and spoke His Name -- and warned about His Holy Name and His very character being changed.  John, the last of the Apostle's writings, having outlived all of the others, witnessed what was about to happen and was very meticulous in recording our Lord YaHshua's words concerning the changing or the replacement of His Holy Name, even to replacing Him with a different Messiah.   We can and do witness to this every day as the modern Pastors and Priests and Ministers and TV Evangelists, pour out praise on a different name and paint a picture of a different Messiah, all while quoting the Old and the New Covenants.  The scholars all circle around in a daisy chain, quoting each other as proof that their greatest error is the truth -- after all, they say, No one can really know how to say His Name.  Who would say such a thing?  When our Lord and Savior says, I come in my Father's Name?  And, I will reveal my Father to those chosen?  And, when He says in His final earthly prayer, Keep them in Your Name, and I have revealed to them Your Name?  So, who is the liar?  Who is it that cannot or will not acknowledge His Holy Name?  The answer is, or should be obvious.  Who is it that would have the most to gain, in this world and the world we cannot see?  

Remember, our Lord and Savior was born a Jew, not a Greek and not a Latin, but a Jew from the tribe of Judah -- that is without dispute.  He was also named a Jewish or Hebrew Name at birth, not a Greek name and not a Latin Name, but a Jewish, Hebrew Name.  In fact, it was a name that already existed among men, and it as a name that belonged to a young man that stood at the right hand of Moses, a young man that would eventually lead the chosen people into the Promised Land, into what was supposed to become the Kingdom of God, and this young man's name, the same name given to our Savior at birth, was, JOSHUA, today, pronounced as YaHshua and as it was originally pronounced back in 15th century, as the J letter was then pronounced as we pronounce or use the Y letter.  The pronunciation changed as the lie continued to develop among the teachers and scholars of modern thought and thinking.  

By restoring His Name we find the proper pronunciations and this leads to the proper pronunciation of God the Father, whose Name He came in, remember?  Joshua, as is the Old English transliteration, from the Hebrew, YeHoshua, as many in Biblical Hebrew spell and say it, is nowhere near the false name, JESUS, or Geezus.  See, simple logic and all we had to do was look at the Scriptures themselves and not some words from someone who has no clue or is working for the other Team. Just one more common sense thread -- If The Name is in the Old Testament, and even a Book from the Old Testament bears that Name, JOSHUA then why did the later translators of the New Testament change it to JESUS, a name that many on this planet pronounce as HeyZeus?  Even the name Joshua, pronounced as many pronounce that name today, without correcting the mispronunciation for the J letter, is more correct and closer to the original name He was Named than does the completely foreign and, truly, modern invention, JESUS.  See, or hear how the J letter is sounded out in the English for Jesus?  Now, try that same pronunciation with the name Joshua.  Weird, right?  Joshua or Geeoshua.  Look in any of the modern Bible dictionaries and you will find that they are saying that this JESUS is the Hebrew JOSHUA, and yet, while both are spelled out in English they are different, completely different.  And the difference grows as you and I restore the correct Hebrew lettering, exchanging the J letter for the Y letter, and pretty soon we are at or near the Biblical transliteration of His Holy Name, and a Name that contains the Father's Name as well.  From Joshua to YaHshua.  

Can we then, know how to say the Name of the God of Israel, YHWH, or is it YWVH?  YaHWeH or YaHVeH?  It simply cannot be YaHVeH because that letter was injected into the scheme to keep His Holy Name from being spoken by any tongue other than the High Priest.  Remember, we saw the three choices for pronouncing the Hebrew letter called the Vav, even in naming this letter the deception is forced onto those seeking the truth to this question.  Throughout ancient Hebrew, we find the letter U, over and over again.  It is this letter U that the scribes have replaced with V.  Ever wonder why we call the W a Double U, or UU?  This is where that important letter comes from, it is what some would call the Long U, or Double U, not a double V.  Notice the trickery in presenting this letter to the eye of the reader, as a double VV when in fact it is supposed to be a UU or Double U and is called that to this day.  The UU has the pronunciation of a W we find in words like We or Way
And, that being true, we should all know how to pronounce our Heavenly Father's Name.

For proof that the Double U or W is correct and not the V, go to this link for another article proving the W over the V -- V W Conundrum

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