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Enoch a Work of Fiction

Q: Here is what you need to understand about the Book of Enoch, and why it should be a considered as Scripture.  After reading this very logical approach to the Book of Enoch, tell me what you think, if you can:

Source is Quora:  I firmly believe that the book of Enoch is inspired by the Holy Spirit after six weeks of earnest prayer over the subject and in my humble opinion should have been placed in the Bible. Jude 14 seems to confirm this as well. Enoch gives all praise and glory to Jesus and I haven’t found one single error in this book. Deuteronomy 18:22 tells us how to test to see if a prophet is true and since I can find no errors Enoch passes that test. I have personally cross referenced at least 25 different places in Enoch to the Prophets in the Bible. I also see Enoch as a book of great hope like the Bible is and again the book of Enoch gives all praise and glory to Jesus as it should be.

A: The Book of Enoch is a work of fiction.  It cannot be dated back to, or before the Flood. It would be like saying that any author with the name, JESUS, or heyseus, is the real Christ. One thing that gives the Book away as a work of fiction is the size of the Giants, you know, nephilim, the Hebrew term, but think Giant, like Jack and the Bean Stalk. These Giant beings in the Book of E are said to be of such a size that would be impossible — the gravitational pull of this Earth would turn them into just a mass of jello. The tallness of these beings is according to the imaginary measure given in the Book, which would make these monsters some 4500 feet tall, some have downgraded this to 450 feet in height, either way, the gravity of the Earth would not allow for such a creature's existence. The Giants people of the Bible are much more reasonable, less than 11 feet, I believe Goliath was just under 10 feet. The Anaki family was eventually made extinct, once people of normal height realized that these oversized, and apparently clumsy people, could be easily defeated, their lineage soon became extinct. To believe in the Book of Enoch, is to believe in fables — Hey, there are some very serious minds, in and out of religion that believe in this stuff, no matter how silly. In the Book of Enoch, it is interesting that the sin of mankind is actually blamed, not on men and women, but on the angels, and these “Fallen Angels”, are painted as victims themselves, only trying to help mankind become more advanced in the art of living, even how to write, and for this they are punished, while mankind are innocent victims of the God that would punish them both — so unjust. Dribble. Most just repeat what they have heard, and very few with an opinion, have actually read the Book ob Enoch. So, there — a fable is a fable is fiction, is fiction, and not true — 1 Timothy 4:7  
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