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Mass Shootings -- Why?

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Mass Shooting and The Cause?

Mass shootings by young military age or near military age, young men, mostly white (Caucasian -- ah, that means, even many Hispanic peoples are in this range of skin color -- get over it)  The tells are always there, it seems, after looking back at those committing these cowardly acts.  Most often these events are carried out on unsuspecting, innocent, indefensible victims.  These young men leave behind a trail of evidence and warning signs that seem to go, not unnoticed but ignored.  Why?  Because of our personal freedoms as American citizens.  Still, some revealing evidence, before the act, should have alerted someone, right?  But, never mind that, for now, what is the cause of this insanity?  Oh, yeah, guns, that's it, guns -- if only we could get rid of all the guns the mass killings would stop.  Any fool can tell you that that is a fools dream, or it is a planned method of blame in order to remove all guns from the general public.  An unarmed people are much easier to control than a people armed.  Armed citizens are a threat to those seeking power over others.  

Still, at every mass shooting, the call for taking away gun rights and unarming the citizens goes out immediately.  The common sense mind, however, can see right through this.  There has been some pretty good studies coming to light, however, that is not pointing the blame at the gun or guns but at what the demon leaders of society are doing to our youth, mostly young white men.  Active young men are being controlled and manipulated by drugs.  It starts out with a drug to control hyperactive boys.  Girls, for some reason, do not seem to suffer from this frigidity condition.  Anyway, it is easier to drug them, and this then leads off into all sorts of other medical control by pharmaceutical means.  But, why listen to me, why not hear it from those who have really research this painful subject?  Go to this link and from there you can go to others as well.  This is no longer a secret, but it is one message those Anti-gun freaks do not want you to hear, much less consider.

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