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UFO and Animal Mutilation

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UFO Cattle Mutilation

Q: Doesn't those cattle mutilations prove that we are being visited by UFO people?  

A:  No, only for those who want to hear this kind of fiction.  There is an answer as you will see in a quote I provided below. The source for that information is -- https://dailyyonder.com/alien-experiment-violent-crime-or-natural-occurrence-cattle-mutilations-in-the-west-continue/2021/06/11/ -- this website covers a brief history and current concern and then suppiies the sensible answer in an experiment a local, Oregon, Sheriff conducted and like a CSI investigator solved the riddle.  It is an answer those who want something more exiting does not want to hear.  Here it is, believe it or not, it is a truth.

This from Daily Yonder,  by Liz Carey
"But some say these are all just natural deaths.

Brian Dunning, host of the long-running podcast Skeptoid, said these cases are typical of previous cattle mutilations attributed to aliens or satanic rituals. All of the mysterious elements of the cattle corpses can be explained by science, he said.
“When an animal dies in the field, predation sets in very quickly, the first responders being insects and birds,” Dunning said in an email interview with the Daily Yonder. “The exposed soft tissue is always the first to go: eyes, lips and tongue, genitals. As the animal is dead with zero blood pressure, there is no bleeding. The exposed skin dries and shrinks tight, giving the impression of a perfect scalpel-like slice. Blowflies and other insects, whose eggs can hatch in 10 hours, fill the wounds with maggots which can expose clean, dry bone in just a few hours more.”

During the height of the cattle mutilation craze in the 1970s, one sheriff decided to do his own research, Dunning said.
“The whole alien autopsy and Satanic Panic currents in pop culture reached a high in the 1970s and cattle mutilation was a headliner for both,” he said. “There was a sheriff in Arkansas, Herb Marshall, who wanted to see for himself what was going on with all these reports, so he put a fresh cow carcass out in a field and they observed what happened. After just two days, he’d not only seen the above bird and insect effects, but the stomach split open from expanding gases and blowflies had completely cleaned out the internal organs. At that point, his department stopped searching for mythical Satan worshippers.” "

This UFO animal mutilation phenomenon has a life of its own.  A couple of decades may go by and with the arrival of new born human babies becoming adults, seems to reinvigorate, or, resurrect this UFO idea that aliens from outerspace are some how interested in the sex organs of ranch cows.  Please, folks, we need to some common sense here.  The along comes Tucker Carlson, FOX News, and a renewal of this myth is again being promoted.  Why?  Because there are more City Boys than actual county boys on the air-waves.  Wait, you say, some farmers have reported these weird animal mutilations.  True, all true, and most of those "farmers", I would guess, are what used to be called, "gentleman farmers or ranchers", not having really grown up on a farm or ranch -- Dude Ranchers.  I have spent many a season in the wilderness as an avid hunter and outdoor man.  I have seen dead animals left out to the eliments and find the report and the experiment the Sheriff, as Brian Dunning reported.  
The problem with this kind of promotion in ignorance is that once it is uncovered -- exposed for the error or lie that it is -- then all of those who promoting this silliness are brougt into quesiton and everything or anything they may have to say about anything else is looked upon as questionable. Since when does the intelligent mind think up an idea that some super intelligent aliens have been operating on earth animals, unless it is to fool with people's minds.  The whole thing is silly and brings legitimate events and miraculous happenings into quesiton.  Maybe that is the purpose, to make people so callus that when a real miraculous event takes place it is tagged with the same crazy or nut tag that this animal mutilation will, no doubt, be exposed as.  Or, some will just ignore it.  I find it disturbing that such a person as Tucker Carlson would be promoting this.  Now, when I say, i heard it on the Tucker Carlson program and the eyes roll, well, what can I say?

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