Corona Virus and Mark of the Beast - Removing The Fog of Religion

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Corona Virus and Mark of the Beast

MARK of the BEAST and Corona Virus

This presentation wil consider the following:
A Modern Day example -- How The Mark of the Beast becomes a Reality
Forced Masking -- what next?  Forced Marking? No Shot ID, No Job?
Nurses Loosing Their Jobs -- From Heros to Smucks who should be Fired?

by Dan L Baxley

Update, October 3, 2021:  Keeping it real?  Or not?  It is presently being reported that the Corona Virus has taken 700,000 American lives, surpassing lives lost in the Civil War.  What?  But wait, wouldn't it be more appropriate to compare this Pandemic with that Influenza pandemic of 1918-20?  In that pandemic, very similar in response to the Covid Chinese Virus, the population of the USA was one third, that is 1/3 that of today.  The CDC reports that 675,000 died in tha 1918 pandemic.  This means, for an honest comparison we should multiply today's figures the populations from then to now.  So, multiply the newly released death figures for 2021, at 700,000 times 3, the population differences and you come up with?  2,100,000 -- that is Two million, one hundred thousand deaths, before it truly reaches the same levels experienced during the pandemic of 1918.  The worldwide, 1918-20, death figures stands at 50,000,000, that is, fifty million and if we take a world with one thrid the population, then, today that would be 150,000,000.  Why isn't this the comparison?  Those in the news media are accused of inflating figures for political reasons and when they come out with the fear mongering they seem to becoming famous for, we see another example of just that.  700,000 dead is tragic but those in the 1918 pandemic experienced a much greater lose than today's China Virus.  What might be interesting would be to count up all of the deaths from a combined number of those having died from all of the SAR Viruses that have escaped China into the West, beginning with the Swine flu.   Read on for observations about the Mark of the Beast and some scary similarities.

Update, September 02, 2021: It certainly looks like this Chinese, Covid 19 pandemic is becoming the precursor to the Markd of the Beast -- Revelation Chapter 13.  Consider the following points -- 1. Candace Owen, who appears on the Tucker Carlson opinion news program, from time to time, has been denied a Covid Test that she requested, because of her political views.  2. Lots of talk and a possible move to required Coved 19 Passports.  3. The President has calls for mandated Covid 19 shots, state by state.  4. Medical personal are told to get the Covid vaccine or lose your job.  An interesting point is that 40% of those in the nursing and medical field have refused to take the shot, even though they work in the hospitals were victims of this manmade virus are being cared for.  Some medical personnel, have resorted to buying fake proof for the shot, in order to keep their jobs, and now some of those found out, are under threat of not only losing their jobs but going to jail. 5. Small, private businesses, restaurants the most obvious, are being forced to require all patrons prove they have taken the Covid vaccine before being served or allowed into the establishment.  I am sure there is more to come.  One thing is for sure -- this is looking more and more like a control that is headed for handing over our lives to the coming Beast.  

Update, August 24, 2021:
President Biden calls for a companies to enforce goverment mandate for all employees to get vacinnated.  Also, the Preident is mandating that all people in the Military receive the shot -- wonder what happens to those who refuse?  This comes, of course, on the same day that the FDA approved the Pfizer, Covid-19 two shot vaccine, but only for those 16 years of age and older.  This means, then, that everyone who had received a shot prior to this approval were at risk from side effects from a drug that had not been fully tested and approved by the FDA, and yet, we had our politicians and family members and some friends pressuring those refusing to drinking from the same kool-aid bottle, being fed to them -- pressuring those refusing to be the test monkeys for a drug cooperation based out of France, for a drug that had not been approved.  

So, why would American citizens, and relatives of our own families run to get these unproven shots?  Because of fear, and because of the many lies and confusing details being accepted blindly as truth -- and because the politicians know that if they can get half the herd to abide by their nonesense they can force others to follow suit in their excercise of power over the people -- that is a heady kind of drink -- power over the people.  This is turning out to be the grandest human experiement in history.

But, wait, the FDA has now approved the drug, you say.  Yes, but that does not change the danger presented by taking a drug that no one knows what the long term effects might have.  The ignorance of those who took the experimental drug and then tried to shame others to do the same?  Because these first experimental patients, now some 47% of our adult population, have bought into the rhetoric from politicians, claiming to be following the science.  What science?  It all depends on who you are talking to.  So, who is it that is really behind the push to mark, excuse me, to vaccinate a man made, eperimental drug into everyone?  The same people and media organizations that seem bent on the destruction of the United States.  This same crowd mandness applies to the Mask mandates as well.  

Peer pressure from the lemmings, thinking they are the smart ones and you are the dumb and ingnorant when the reverse is true.  But, wait, the Drug was approved, you say, proving we, the Lemmings, were right?  No, it proves that you escaped the bullet, or did you?  No one will really know the end of the story for another 15-20 years, especially, if they, those politician and their Lemmings have their way, and this vaccine becomes a yearly thing and is mandated or you cannot work, or go to school or by and sell.

(Rev 13:16-17)  And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark (a vacinne) in their right hand (sholder), or in their foreheads (Temperature mark):  And that no man might buy or sell (Hold a Job), save he that had the mark (Proof of the Vacinne), or the name of the beast (Proof of the shot), or the number of his name (Vacinne ID).

A few years ago, and down through the centuries this would have seemed nearly impossible to imagine.  Do I believe the Vaccine is the MarK?  No, but it is laying the ground work for just such a scenrio in the future.  If mankind will buckle to this kind of Mandating, from the government, and pressure from the Lemmings around us, then sure, this could be and is, only the beginning.   I have been telling people for years, that when the Mark of the Beast materializes, it would have to be something that would appear to benefit all mankind.  It would have to be something, most people would want or would go along with under the guise of doing good.  Some would buy into the Mark, no questions asked, it seems like a good idea and is a benefit, or so they think, so do it.  Others will see it as the only way to go to work and to continue their lives, working, buying, selling and just getting along as usual.  Still, others will see this as an obligation to all mankind and to deny, whatever the Mark might be, a rebellion against civilized man, and that, eventually, such people in denial of the good of mankind should, themselves, be eliminated -- for the good of all mankind.

(Rev 13:15)  And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Oh, you, they say, someone says, We would not do that. What is worship, any way?  Here is the first definition from the Hebrew Definitions of Brown, Driver, Briggs -- 1. to kiss the hand to (towards) one, in token of reverence.  But, we would not do that, the critics and the Lemmings, might say.  History proves otherwise.  Put enough mad men and women in power and you will get just that.  What is that old saying?  Money corrupts, but Power corrupts absolutely?  A whole nation of people, found Hitler, mesmerizing and wonderful, almost like a god, that is until he shot himself in the basement of a bunker.

The Acceptance and the Rejection --
There are those who think the virus vaccine is nonsense and there are those who think everyone, not matter what they think or believe, should be forced to accept the vaccine for the good of the world.  Because there has been a propaganda stream, initiated by the Communist Chinese Government, directing people through a mind bending internet, serviced by private comapanies, like FaceBook and Twitter, Tic Tok, and other influencers, getting people to focus on themselves and their neighbors as the enemy and ignoring the cause of the Pandemic -- China.  Focus on masking, good, not masking, bad, as opposed to getting to the bottom of this virus and why it is in the world and what to do about it.  One answer, trying to answer, what to do about it, is the development of a vacinne.  Fighting among ourselves hides the enemy and the real problem -- China.  Has everyone lost their minds and forgotten that the last 5 plagues, unleashed on the world, came out of China?

Either the Communist Chinese are doing this on purpose, or by accident, or it initially started accidently and they saw an opportunity to develope this further as a weapon.  Why?  Because the West has been so forgiving and willing to look at the poor Chinese government as needing help, but the main reason would be "MONEY".  Everyone associated with China, inside or outside are getting rich.  In war wealth is to be had -- this is a different kind of war.  President Trump tried to shut it down but too many people, throughout the Obama Administration had been making millions by becoming friends with the Communist Chinese.  This too, is why we hear so much about the Communist Russian as being bad, but virtually nothing against the Communist Chinese.

The Point is -- people war influenced to object to anything and everything but the origin of the problem.  
So, what does this have to do with the Mark of the Beast?  Everything -- it is a softening up, a preparing, even a teaching lesson for the Beast to come in how to influence the population of the whole world, as opposed to just one nation.  Remember Hitler's Germany?  That test proved that the world would join against a single nation trying to take over and make everyone conform to the Beast.  Since WW1 and WW2 the testing has gone one in various ways, in preparation for the Coming of the Beast tne the Mark.  What if, for example, the whole world were influenced under the evil spirit the possessed Germany?  Imagine, most, if not all, of the Earth were to fall under that influence and see the benefits for all the populations, all of the different nations to join in a common effort, as did all of the Germans did, proving it can be done, it is just a matter of getting the whole world to go along.  This pandemic, after a few other tests and trials, seems to be doing just that.  It is not about masking or not masking, it is about control, one way or another while ignoring the source.  It is not about getting the vaccine or not.  The Vaccine, actually is the solution to the problem, while ignoring the problem, the source -- you may need the vaccine to protect agains what the enemy unleashed.  We should not be fighting, among oursleves over the possible cure, or solution to the attack from an enemy bent on weakening us.  So far, they are winning and we are blaming ourselves and each other, some to the point of refusing the protection needed so we can fight another day.

Read on for more about how this is a march toward the REAL Mark of the Beast to come.  Do I believer China is going to be the Beast?  No, only a training ground for the Coming of the Beast.  

November 10, 2020
Major Update: December 18, 2020 (Latest entry, below) --  More Updates below -- April 3, 2021 (latest of the latest)

The election is over for some 70 million Democrat/Progressive/Communist and Liberals, have joined together in their efforts to defeat President Trump.  Joe Biden has taken to the pulpit of the Democratic plank, accepting the Presidency, and making plans to control society.  Suffice it to say, the Election is not over, the Electoral College has not declared either, yet.  The votes are not all in, maybe Biden will win, maybe Trump, however, can still pull it out.  Has everyone forgotten about the Biden/China connection?  But, this is not about a political stand or common sense.  This article is about the Mark of the Beast, a sign that is raising its ugly head, but not recognized by most, if any.

Update Note 12/29/20: The Electoral electors have cast a preliminary vote, giving Biden enough to confirm he is the winner.  However, it is not over yet.  January 6 is another confirmation of the initial electoral votes and can be brought into question by objections from the Senate.  It isn't over until it is over.  News Flash -- President Trump has just been voted Most Admired Man In America -- no joke -- beating out Obama, with Joe Biden coming in at third place with the Pope close behind, now that is a list that should cause some to scratch their head -- how is it the most admired man in America loses at the election polls?  We are just asking the question.

This article is not about the United States of America elections.  This article is about how a massive population is being conditioned to accept the Mark of the Beast.  Putting this subject into modern terms, like, the mark of the beast to come is a name, a name that will be the name of a man.  For example, many would call Hitler more of a beast than a human, a man beast, who tried to eradicate particular race of people, along with what he deemed undesirables.  He acted like a man, walked upright, like a man, spoke like a man but he acted like a savage animal, and he was not the only one.  Looking back we have a pretty good record concerning men like Stalin, credited for killing millions of his own people, forget about a virus from China, Stalin's virus was a bullet.  Then there was the infamous Tao, who also infected millions of his own people with the bullet virus -- bullets, swords, and ropes, all for power, for control, like wild, carnivorous animals among helpless sheep.  It has taken a collection of world leaders, leaders willing to rouse their countrymen up against such men beasts, to stop them or to at the least put them in check, and the leader among these nations resisting such evil has been Britain and the United States.  Certain European nations have stood up as well but not as consistently, and righteously as the United States.  Make no mistake, this is a Historical Fact.  

In the Final Purge, for the good of mankind, the Beast and the False Prophet, mentioned in the Book of Revelation chapter 13, it will be all about whose Name you will support, or get behind, or take on, or, maybe even tattoo onto your hand, a readable, digital code?  We will see, or someone in the near future will see -- maybe it will be nothing more than a plastic card you hold out or up to identify that you have accepted this form of ID so you can go to work, or open your shop, or travel to and fro?

Whose Name do you Support?  Today's Example:

Here is what is happening:  There have been some important people on the left side of the Democratic Party, encouraging making up a list of names of all those who voted for Trump and then deny those on the list access to publishers, forbidding or preventing those Trump supporters from authoring books or other material.  And on top of this, using the list to pressure employers to revaluate these employees found on this list and maybe let go -- fire them -- punish all Trump voters.  And, this is why your vote is supposed to be private, just so this kind of evil can be kept in check but only now do we hear such nonsense actually being promoted.  All those who chose to write Biden's name down should be blessed, while those who chose Trump's name, should be fired and refused access to a living.

Whose Name do you choose -- you see, Names do Matter.    What if you could vote for the God you wanted to rule?  Say you had a choice, the Name of your God or the name of a ruler that the Book of Revelation Identifies as the Beast?  Say this Beast ruler is promoted by someone called the False Prophet, both remaining to be properly identified, requires all that vote for him,or them, must then worship the Beast, maybe as a go --, all great and small to worship the Beast.  You see, it will be a battle over names, and those alive during this future time will have to vote (chose) one over the other.  So, you see, the coming of the Beast may be something like a very democratic system, requiring everyone to cast a vote, and if you do not vote for the Beast you will be put on a list.  Today it is Trump against Biden, tomorrow it may be Jesus against YaHshua -- or, maybe, Allah?  Jesus is pronounced as Geezus, and HeZeus.  Unlike that false name, YaHshua is pronounced as YaHshua, or for some, YaHushua is the name our Savior was named at Birth, nearly 2000 years ago.  The Name JESUS never existed until about 400 years ago -- they are  totally different names.  So, which Name would you write down on your ballot?  Mainstream Christians and Christianity of the world, when confronted with this question continue to vote for HeyZeus, or Jesus -- the biggest cult in the world, the  Jesus Cult.

Now, let's not underplay this.  The Democratic Leftist leadership is calling for an Official Enemies List, and this list would be all those who voted for Trump and were quite vocal about this until others in their own party began telling them to shut up, and to quit telling everyone what they would like to see happen.  One thing totalitarian rulers love are Lists, an enemies list, a friends list, a list for execution, etc., etc.

How this is a type of the Mark of the Beast?

(Rev 13:16-18) He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666.

Some have pointed out that these three characters, 666, in the Greek they are not as they actually appear in the original Aramaic -- χξϛ -- These three symbols in Aramaic may have a different meaning or different appearance from that of 666.  But no matter, this symbolism or this number is all about a NAME.  His Name or His Name -- You chose, the Name of the Beast or the Name of our Creator and Savior YaHshua?  

Now, Lets put this into a modern context:

He puts everyone, no matter who they are, self-employed or employed, the unemployed as well, onto a list and causes all to receive a mark on the hand or head, a mark that could be scanned into the database of lists -- (Note: A new development, see December Update, below).  Anyone not receiving the marks or digital signature of the name will be punished -- all those not accepting this unholy name,  refusing to go along with the majority, to be put on a different list, a list of names of people who will be refused entry into the workplace, refused entry into stores and shops, shunned by society, unable to buy or sell, unless they too take on this mark, this name of a man, represented in three different forms.  It may be represented by three digits or three letters, or a sum total representation -- as it is mentioned -- a man's name or the number of his name, or a sum total of his name -- three choices, all having to do with this man's name, called the Mark of the Beast.  Certainly, all those who chose the Name of our Creator God would reject this man's name, or mark, no matter if it is digital, a tattoo, a chip, or a plastic card.  What is happening today, however, is not the Mark, it is like a trial run, a softening up of the people, getting them prepared and readied to accept, without questions, something that will appear to be good for all mankind, something that for the good of your fellow man and woman you should want.

Those accepting this system, this Beast ruler and his name represented by a symbol or number or a sum total, will be blessed with the ability to buy and sell -- basically, at the lowest levels, to hold a job and gain a paycheck.  Please understand, that if anyone can see and understand these few verses, then this name can be calculated, and the calculaton of this name, will amount to a man's number, and this number is six, six, six, or so it seems at this time in our understanding, but there is a good case for the symbolic nature as well, and a really good case for these three figures being individual symbols themselves?  This is something that remains to be seen, to be witnessed and some, one day, will be confronted with this choice.  But, make no mistake, whatever this MARK is, it will be the symbol or signature of a MAN.

Let me give you a brief explanation I received from another reader.  This is something those familiar with the teachins of Walid Shoebat will be familiar -- Walid has been introducing any Christians that will listen to the Mulsim/Islamic side of Bible Prophecy.  This reader wanted to share some of the research they had done.  I have mentioned this before and referenced Walid and his extensive research into the Symbols of the Mark found in in Revelation 13.   I present this to you by permission of the author. As I said, this is not new knowledge but this reader presented this in such a concise and compact manner I thought I should make use of it.  Thank you,  Kamali Brathwaite for sharing, nice job.

Hi Dan, I enjoyed reading your article, I agreeing basically on
> everything of the exception of how you explained your 666 theory.  The
> translators deceived us by placing numbers instead of the sign John
> actually saw.  In the hebrew language, there is are no literal
> numbers, but letters are used to represent numbers.  This is what John
> saw χξϛ, Chi, Xi, Stigma; the christogram of Jesus Christ (IHS/HIS).  
> You can research it, the catholics confessed openly that this is sign
> or mark of Jesus Christ.  The term 'Christ', is associated with the
> hindu goddess Krishna.  In fact, she is called Christ, which is
> eqivalent to Krishna.

Perhaps the Mark of the man-beast, is already here?  That is the suggestion, isn't it?  And if it is found in the name JESUS CHRIST? Then, according to Revelation, a False Prophet (?), a Seconc Beast with the appearance of a LAMB (Priest, or Pope, Rabbi, or Imam, anyone?) is going to rise up and promote this false name, a name that belongs to the First Beast and reading that the First Beast is before the Second Beast, and is identified as a Beast that has made war with or against the Saints and beat them (Israel?) has and Identity that must be present today, if this is all true and it will be this Name the Lamb, with Two Horns, and speaking with the mouth of a Dragon (Satan) promotes and forces the worship of the First Beast.   Again, as prophecy goes, it is all about witnessing the unfolding truth of the Word already delivered --

Who would vote for the Beast?  If the Beast appeared as an Angel of light and a great priest, or religious leader of some sort, say, like the False Prophet mentioned in Revelation, and this Great Priest/Prophet was to demand all people bow to this new solution for world peace, and it all appeared to benefit all of humanity?   Then who would not do it, who would not accept this mark, or card or digital chip of acceptance, allowing you to get paid for your work and to buy food for your family and others and run a business of your own, selling products for the good of all?  

This is how it will be during the Time the Beast rules -- people will be given a choice, a vote perhaps, for one name or another, but these names may not be on a ballot but only a choice, one leading to approval from your friends and family, while the other choice leading to being shunned.  It may not be a matter of you or me choosing a name, it may be more of a matter that we chose not to chose or join in the popular mark or digital signature of the man-beast that is supposed to be the answer to world peace -- we end up on a list of those refusing to comply, to go along.  Of course, our personal reason for not complyng may be that we worship someone else.  As we look at this, more and more, it begins to look like the man Beast will be a false Messiah, a false Christ, a pretender with a PR man, the False Prophet, eventually getting everyone to worship this man-beast.

When the real-time comes, when the real man-beast arrives on the political scene a person will have a choice to either accept the Name of the Beast or to reject it -- it is a Battle over names.  And how do we know that this Beast will be a man?  Because, when the real Messiah, our Savior, YaHshua arrives, it is the Beast man and the False Prophet that are taken into custody and thrown into the Lake of Fire, a fire prepared for Satan and His Angels.

(Rev 19:19) Then I saw the Beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to make war against the rider on the horse and his army.
Rev 19:20  But the Beast was captured, and with him the False Prophet who had performed the miraculous signs on his (The Beast) behalf. With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped his image. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.

It is clear from these revealing verses that the Beast is a man, not just a symbolic representation of a past Kingdom, and the False Prophet is also a man.  And both of these two individuals will be present at the time of YaHshua's return.  

Update Nov 21, 2020:
Corona Virus and the Mark?

Joe Biden, in a rare appearance, as President Elect, addressed a room full -- no, not full, but a room with a few network stooges, and when talking about how he would handle the Cronovirus vaccinations, he said that he would demand that all 300 million of the USA population get the vaccination -- he would make it law, and a requirement.  Update: Now, President Biden has downgraded his tough words from 300 to 100 million.  

What this translates into is enforcement, and from this springs the question,  How?  How, could such a thing be enforced? Simple, Those in power would enact requirements (laws?), for the good of all the public, and anyone not submitting to the vaccination, would not be allowed to go to work, or school to allowed into any social event -- basically, shunned by all of society, and even, or eventually facing jail time or other penalties.  Basically, submit or starve.  No job, no buying of selling, just like it will be with the Beast and his Number. The Bible Student, those interested in the Prophetic Word, this sounds familiar, and while I do not see this as the mark of the Beast, it is a view into how it can come about. This Conoa Virus is only a test run for how far people can be pushed, or controlled -- you know, for the good of all.

(Rev 13:16-17)  And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:   And that no man (or woman) might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

The ground work, or maybe we should say, practice runs, are being laid down -- perfected, you might say. We are witnessing evidence in how this can, and is, coming about -- it will be something that is required by one and all to receive these vaccinations, as a requirement and possibly a mark will be required to prove compliance.  But wait, one observation before we jump to conclusions concerning this Virus and the pressure to the vaccine, you know, for the good of the public.  We cannot say that this it the Mark of the Beast, but only a trial run, so to speak, a softening up of the world population for when that day comes.  How do we know for sure that this is not it?  Because the 6th Seal has not been opened yet -- Revelation 6:12-17 -- the Wrath of the Lamb happens first, before the Mark of the Beast is required.  But we can look at the many ways this practice run is working and going to work.  It may come about that without your vaccination card punched, signed and sealed, you may not be allowed to return to work.  Look for the Teachers Union to enforce this as a policy before others.  This would be the only thing that might take the power away from the Teachers Union in controlling the educational system.  Only one other thing might bring the Teachers back into the schools, coast to coast, and that would be if the States stopped paying them not to work.  

What is the Mark then?  We have already taken a look into the possibilities and one thing is certain, It will be something seen as a benefit to all.  The scary part is that in some places a penalty for not receiving this Mark, will be the death penalty -- according to the word, this required marking, the accepting of the Beast Name or number, is turned into a requirement of WORSHIP, and it is then that the False Prophet will demand the death penalty for anyone who refuses to worship the Beast man. This Prophet's influence and power will eventually reach out to those able to survive this or escape this marking and worship, those seeking to remain free from this evil will be brought under this new threat in the extreme, the penalty of death.

(Rev 13:15)  And he (The False Prophet) had power to give life unto the Image of the Beast, that the Image of the Beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the Image of the Beast should be killed.

Unimaginable, right?  Not any more.  Anyone following what has been happening during this 2020 time period, should be able to see how things can be manipulated.  Remember, Joe Biden said that he would make it a requirement that 300 million Americans take this vaccine, that is, until he was pulled back from that statement, but he said it and he meant it.  And, look at Joe Biden (He is not President yet, so I speak freely), he is a weak person, he mumbles through his speeches and talking points, he will never have the power to enforce such a mandate, but when the real Beast comes on the scene, and with the help of the False Prophet, they will.  Joe Biden claims to be religious but misquotes scripture and does not know how to pronounce Pslams, which he calls Palms -- he has no clue and is the image of the modern politician.  He is a career politician, a leader of a crime family, followed by his son and his brother, raking in millions only because he just happens to become Vice President and even then, President Obama is on record saying that Biden would never be fit to be President, only later forced, by his party, to come out in support of Joe Biden for President.  What a sham.   The point being, if such a weak and unlikely person can be making such declarations about controlling the public, and virtually no one objects, then how much more could a person with a real Charismatic personality get away with?

Practice Run (UPDATE -- December 2020)
Just a decade ago this would have been unimaginable, a worldwide required vaccination.  Of course, we have gotten that far yet.  This vaccine is voluntary, right?  Well, guess what, the Mark of the Beast is voluntary too.  It only becomes mandatory at a later date -- the Mark, that is.  This Covid 19 (thank you China) vaccine (thank your France) is going to soften up the world's populations to being handled as a mass movement for the good of all, and thus submitting to something perceived to be a benefit to all mankind -- this cannot be said often enough, because this is exactly how the False Prophet will get the World to accept this marking, or digital signature that will ultimately end in the worship of the Beast man, whose name is tied to this great deception -- those deluded, and having received the Beast name -- Rev 19:20 -- it is a deception to be sure and maybe the great delusion that will be cast over the minds of men and women the world over.  

(2Th 2:11-12)  For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

Already, as seen on Fox News during the Neal Cavuto show, December 18, one of the medical sources demonstrated a way to identify everyone how has received the shot, and effectively released to go back to work, this was a Digital ID tag.  This ID could be on a literal plastic tag or on your Cell Phone.  A digital tag can be scanned to prove the person had taken the shot, a proof that the individual had complied with whatever the governments demand for compliance might be, such as not being able to return to work until such proof is supplied, and a digital tag scan could be the answer and less likely to be counterfeited.   This scenario is being worked out right before our eyes and being heard in our ears, it is undeniable.  There is no denying what is shaping up and only a decade ago if you told someone something like this would be happening, or that it could ever happen in a place like the United States they would have said you are crazy, and yet, here we are, living in crazy.  And this is not just something happening in America, it is worldwide, which makes this even more astounding, and really, a possible preview to the coming of the Beast and the False Prophet and how they might press the world into accepting some concept surrounding a mark, or digital mark or signature, sponsored by a man with the mind of a Beast and a super religious leader of some sort.  

I am not making this up as some kind of conspiracy theory.  I was watching the Nil Cavuto on Fox News, Dec 18, his Thursday airing, and right after he had interview Senator Ken Burns, who shocked Cavuto with his declaration that he was not going to take the vaccine, and after Cavuto recovered from being shocked and closed his mouth -- one of the few times I have seen Cavuto without a response -- having recovered from his disbelief and continuing his interview with the Senator.  What followed next, after the stunning admission Senator Ken Burns had made, was another stunning reveal, one which, again, it appeared Cavuto was not prepared for.  The medical person, following the Ken Burns announcement, went on air to show and tell Neil about a method being used to confirm people had gotten the prescribed Covid-19 vaccine -- a scannable Digital tag, that could either be clipped on, or uploaded to a cell phone, both of which could be scanned to prove you had received the vaccine and cleared for work.  I failed to record this and when I went back to find it, at Fox News, all I could find was the Ken Burns interview.  It will pop up again, I am sure.  

To prove I am not making this up, here is a link discussion about the need for this very thing, and this is an older posting but up to date as well -- A need for Digital Identity --  -- here is an example of the Digital tag -- in the following example, a Digital Tracker.

Once society is conditioned to accept this digital tagging, to prove compliance -- you know, for the good of all -- then it is only a matter of time before some power takes control of this mechanism to control the world. It will, of course, look like a good thing, something for the benefit of all mankind.  This digital tag could then develop into a digital marking.

A lot of claims are being made and starting to flood the internet -- like a chip is being injected with the vaccine -- not true.  Not true but a future possibility.  But this digital tag is a real thing.  The agent on the Fox News, Cavuto show, this Friday morning was real, and she also showed this digital symbol on her Cell Phone.  The Digital tag is just like those you see all over the place for advertising and price checking and these scannable tags can contain anything that can be chipped, like your Credit cards.  I am not a conspiracy nut but this is really something I personally witnessed.  Cavoto's response?  None, he moved on to the next topic.

Again, I will repeat, I do not believe this is the Mark of the Beast, a lot of things have to happen first, a lot of things, like the Opening of the 6th Seal -- Rev 6:12-17.  But, I do see this as a softening up of the world population into being read and willing to accept something like this, and, of course, painted in such a way as to be a benefit to all humanity.  Is it any wonder, then, that those who do receive this Mark or tag of the Beast will be struck by terrible plagues?  Whatever the tag or Mark is, it is going to be the reason they suffer, but those who refuse this Mark will escape.

UPDATE 12/29/2020:

A couple of recent developments.  First, It has been reported on Fox News, that Spain is keeping a List of the people that refuse to take the vaccine.  What we are not told is what they plan on doing with such a list.  

And second, it has been reported that Europe is now experiencing a new strain of the viris.  And tonight this new strain of the Covid Virus is showing up in Colorado.  What?  A "new strain", a mutation or a completely new virus?  And it has jumped from Europe to Colorado?  This has been reported on Fox News @Night With Shannon Bream, Tuesday evening 12/29/2020.  

So, how does a State, in the middle of the United States end up with this new strain of Covidvirus?  This new strain starts in Europe and ends up in Colorado?  Or, is the Covdi-19 mutating on its own?  And if it is, then does this mean that the vaccine is useless?  Maybe, or maybe not, but the big story is the LIST BUILDING of those not willing to take the vaccine, and what is the list for, or what will it be used for?  Take the Mark or not.  When the Beast's Mark becomes a requirement and a list is developed, it be those on the list refusing to accept the Mark that will be in danger -- Lists are also famous for exacting revenge or getting rid of opponents -- get your enemy on a list or undesirables and problem solved.  It will be interesting to see if other countries will begin to build their list of people refusing to fall in line and do what they are told -- of course, for the good of everyone else.  The world seems to be in training for what is to come.  

Another article to consider -- from the Wall Street Journal --

For more considerations about this Name of the Beast, and the opposing Name, above all other Names, then you can go to this Link -- the Mark of the Beast -- and --- 666

Update April 3, 2021 -- Resurrection weekend:  Thanks to a fellow believer we have another link for a new technology that combined with the collection of personal information and the ability to imprint this information on each and every individual, for the good of all mankind, of course.  A flexible mark that can be applied to the skin painlessly, similar to apply a Band-Aid   -- Skin Electronic --

Update, May 23, 2021 -- The Virus that has killed over 3 million people and ruined the Western nations and causing a massive shift in wealth from the God fearing people and the middle classes to the Anti-god communist China -- CCP -- Thank you China for bring ruin on the whole world while getting rich doing it.  They have proven how a single nation can totally influence the whole world.  They have the World Health Organization (WHO) in their pocket and the that is the major reason that President Trump stopped sending support (money) to them and called them out for their lies and support of China.  Now, President Biden has restored funding to the WHO.  Why?  Oh, maybe it is because the and his family are Chinese minions.  But, this is not about the Biden Crime family, this is about how a Godless government can manipulate the whole world into doing what they want and not have to take the blame for their own evil.  This proves that a Beast Government, like the one describe in the Book of Revelation 13, is very possible.  

There is talk of Covid Virus Vaccine Pass Ports and ID cards before a person is allowed to travel or go to work and some eating places have already started asking for proof of having the vaccine.  Exchange the vaccine ID card for the Mark of the Beast.  Now, the latest news is that the source of the virus was the Wuhan Lab in China.  Imagine that?  I wonder if all of the New Networks that called anyone who suggest such a thing, over a year ago, conspirators or people who are afraid of Asian people.  Are there any apologies?  It was not only the Networks, other than Fox and News Max, who continued to tell the truth, while other, major networks joined with the Big Tech, Face Book and Twitter and the others all attempting to destroy anyone who would dare to suggest the virus origin could possibly be the fault of the China Government.  How could it be possible that a Godless government like China work such control over other governments in the world to carry their lies for them, lies they called truth and anyone not in agreement were shunned or worse.  

How is this possible.  Well, ask people like Senator Swalwell -- yeah, that guy that slept with a Known Chinese Spy, and he is still on the Security Council.  China has infiltrated nearly every majoy education institution in America.  Greedy people, in our own government, are bought off and work as influencers for godless china, and that is how they did it and continue to do it.  Feb 6, 2020 Chinese Virology report that this virus came out of a Military Lab in Wuhan.   Sep 15, 2020, Dr. LI Meng Yan appeared on the Tucker Carlson program, Fox News, reporting firsthand knowledge that the virus origin came from the Chinese Lab.  Big Tech and other media monopolies work to shut her up and call everyone liars that would suggest such a thing.  Now, this week, today, May 23-24, 2021, this is proving to be true.  So, who are the liars?  CNN, one of the biggest, and all of the Big Tech, like Facebook, and Twitter, either censored the truth tellers of called them names and closed their accounts.  Again, who are the real liars?  

Dr LI Meng Yan speaks out on an Indian News channel -

All of this proves that an evil government can and has, carried enough influence, worldwide, to cause the masses of people to believe and support a lie.  Of course, the Trump haters have tried and tried and tried to make this virus pandemic his fault.  

Update - About the Vaccine Itself, from an interested reader -- just more information, more knowledge for better decisions:

Update -- Scam? or Scamdemic, Pandiemic?:

For More about the Mark of the Beast go to: Mark of the Beast Part 1

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