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In the Beginning 2

Emails & Questions
Response:  In the Beginning
  What follows is an email received from a believer sharing some insights and some speculations.  My response runs throughout this email in an attempt to remove some of that fog of religion thinking, that spiritual haze so many seem to embrace as truth even when not fully visible.  Many times “common sense”, which I believe is a tool of the Holy Spirit, also called the Spirit of “discernment”, gives us a reality check and makes sense of the nonsense so many engage in.  This is not meant belittle or offend the writer of or anyone reading this but to encourage and correct, when needed, and perhaps we can all grow a little more in His Spirit.  This is a sharing of ideas realizing we may disagree but our acceptance and confession concerning our Savior YaHshua remains the same – One day will all know the answers to all things until then we share our studies always looking for more truth.  Peace, Dan
Dear servant Dan
Realize you are a busy servant , But I felt to send to you a revelation knowledge in which I had been for many years pondered about in my mind.
I felt that you are one who is very open minded to the scriptures of the word of truth.
Your knowledge of understanding has surpassed most believers in thought and understanding. There aren`t to many in whom I have come across in these mind set but few.
One feels in spirit who one can partake with without putting up walls of separation. I feel you are who of those..
Whether you have ever looked into what I`m sharing with you, you might have already come to see it.
After reading: If you have any feed back on it , let me know. I`m always ready to learn and hear.
Here is where I begin:
I`m sure you have heard the saying “We know the beginning by the end, and  the end of things brings us back to the beginning of all things.
First chapter of Genesis. { have your bible on hand to read the verses for yourself.}
Starting with ( Chapter 1: 2) Then I will lay the ground work by going back to ( Gen. 1:1) for better understanding connecting the pieces of the puzzle ( the verses of scripture of the word) as they connect to see the picture . = ( The Revelation knowledge).
My question in mind started with the second  verse of chapter 1 of Genesis} 
I use to wonder about this particular verse for many years when reading  this particular verse.
  (“ And the spirit of G-d moved upon the face of the waters”.)
For sometime now I was wanting to understand “ The face of the waters’?  I asked the Spirit in regards to this particular verse of scripture.
The verse  is not specific  which waters or if the waters that the spirit moved upon were directly on the face of the earth; It only says:
(The spirit moved upon the face of the waters.)
My question was which waters ! ----Where were the  existing of this waters?  that the spirit of G-d moved upon them.
Servant Dan’s Response: Why would this be so important? 
First:  The word used in Genesis 1:2 for “moved”, according to Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary – H7363, mean to “relax” or even to “flutter”.  This “relaxing” indicates a calm, nothing violent or aggressive, as HIS very Being settled “over the FACE of the water”.  So, what does “face” mean?  H6440 – this word “face”, used twice in this verse, has many applications and one of the first choices is anger.  We have a deep body of water, then, that is the face or surface is angry, but YaHWeH’s Spirit settles over its surface and calms it – the beginning of our Creation on this Earth begins, it seems, in a calm and deliberate fashion, not one of violence and chaos – just the opposite of what men teach and this is typical of most teachings of men. 
The whole line of think you are taking here could be explained by the possibility the Earth existed before the “beginning of Creation” from the earth’s point of view.  Once we admit we do not really know anything about the Universe of our Creator prior to our own Earthly creation we have to understand we are entering the realm of speculation and this is what Sci-Fi writers live on, but we are truth seekers not Sci-Fi writers. 
When we, as believers, are brought into the discussion ,“In the Beginning”, many take this to mean from the very beginning of everything, because the Heavens are mentioned and the word, “beginning” is used.  This, however, is actually another kind of “speculation” it is a “relative” statement – relative to one’s point of reference, from where we are seeing what is happening, from this view on “earth”.   
 The Genesis account begins with this reference point called Earth, a planet covered in water.  I understand in your view you are suggesting the “water” is somewhere else, not on earth itself, but from the view we are given the “water” is encompassing this planet, from the point of view from earth the water is here and we are not told where it came from or how it got here.  What this suggests is that the “beginning”, stated in Genesis, is not the “beginning” of everything, only the beginning from earth and what we can see from earth.  Obviously, this water and this planet existed before the creative process – NOT the creative process of all things but the creative process of the habitat we live on as humans.
Water, by itself, is not a creator of life.  Life as we know it does need water but by itself water, pure water, is not a creative substance.  Water is a medium of transport, it absorbs various minerals and nutrients from other substances, like dirt, which is little more than crushed and powered rock, or vice versa – rock is little more than compressed dirt in the extreme.  A seed laying on a rock does nothing until you put water on it and the water causes the small nutrients in the seed to expand and sprout, but if not other substance, like soil, is available this seed dies.  If, however, you place the seed in a nutrient laden soil, or dirt, the water then helps the seed collect what it needs from this dirt to continue on in life. 
We are not told the water covering the Earth was just water, no life in it at all (void) and this would explain why our Creator’s Spirit is said to “hover (resting) over the waters”.  Our Creator is the life giving force of all things.  From His resting over this planet He began to call things into being.  From the earths’ point of view we see the sun revealed and the stars.  Something these things never existed before this, but if we take that as truth then nothing existed until around 6,000 years ago and I think we know that is not true.  From a Heavenly point of view, we are not told where the “water” covering the earth exactly came from or how long it had been here before our Creator settled over it, hovered, fluttered, or rested over it.  We are incapable of knowing the beginning of all things, or our Creator Himself, for we are told He always has existed and that is beyond our human ability to understand.  Still, some insist on place Him in a box of human understanding.  We are brought into a scene where a planet, covered in water already exists and this planet became known as “Earth”, to us.  From this planet we are told we are made.  Our personal relationship to this place, Earth, is our physical make up is the same as that of this planet – we are a composite of what the earth is made of, water and minerals and without the water we are but dirt.  The water was here covering this planet which suggests this planet was completely flooded and this, for me, brings to mind the flooding of the Earth, later, again, in the days of Noah.
We are told, in just a few words that the preexistence of Earth had been flooded once before.  When we are introduced to the story, “In the Beginning…” we assume, from our egotistical point of view, that we are the first, but look how it goes – the World Noah grew up in was completely destroyed by the Flood.  Isn’t it strange how, “In the Beginning…” starts out with the Earth being totally flooded, just like in the days of Noah?  The question about where the water came from is not a problem for we are told our Creator can and has called things into being that had never existed before – He commands and it is.  Still, remember, the water was already here when the creative process begins for mankind, as we know it and from this Earth view point.  
(Psa 33:9)  For He spoke, and it came to be; He commanded, and it stood firm. ESV (Psa 148:5 and Rom 4:17)
This takes away all other imaginations and speculations, of course.  We are guessing from here on and must let common sense prevail.  More than one doctrine has been built upon sand with very little nutrient available.
The first verse of ( Gen.1;1) does not give any indication  that the earth was nothing but water.  In Fact it describes the opposite. A dead Planet with no life like any of the other planets.
( Many believe or have come to the conclusion that the Earth was nothing but a Planet covered over with water ; therefore the spirit of G-d moved upon the waters that the earth was covered in with nothing but water.
This has been pretty much the belief of most believers and Leaders of org. 
I haven`t come across anyone who has even mentioned anything pertaining to the ending verse. ( What I mean is that no one that I have come across, has even questioned this very verse of scripture.
Maybe it was because I nor anyone else has never asked the question to this particular verse of scripture.
Surely all in reading the word has read it many times over.
I was not convinced nor have I ever been convinced that the Earth was all water or covered with water.
When reading this particular verse of scripture it got my attention to search it out.
True Yes! The Earth had to go through a Mikva a cleansing agent =( a baptism of water). And I also wondered what kind of waters would be so pure and able to have the capability of being able to cleanse the Earth with a Mikva to make it pure.
This were questions eating me up in my mind.
I wanted to know the truth on this matters.
Servant Dan’s Response:
I think you are making a small mistake the reference ignores the Creative Power of our Creator.  He makes the rules and we see the results.  He has created a physical realm, which we live in, but He lives in the Spirit realm, a completely different place from the physical.  Because we are physical it is, at times, difficult to see past anything without a physical cause and effect.  The Physical world and Universe and all we touch is coming to an end.  He is going to create a New Heavens and a New Earth eventually and we will move from the Physical world and Universe of decay and death to one in the Spirit world of eternity.  This means the question you have let trouble you is irrelevant.  What has this to do with your salvation or mine, even?  Sometimes the complete truth is not for us in this age, this time.  In the past men and women of intellect would sit around and muse about how many angels could sit on the head of a pin.  Others questioned where babies go when they die and where did the murders go, etc.  This all led to doctrines that contradicted what our Lord taught.  There was Heaven then Hell then there was Purgatory, and then other rules to cover all of the other questionable souls and their place in death.  All of this from speculating about things people let trouble them – we do not need to trouble ourselves about things that will be explained, in full, after our Lord has returned.
The speculations and theorizing can be fun but we should allow for differences of opinion, speculations and theories which may or may not be true.  What happens, all too often, is that believers go at each other giving no quarter – my way or the highway, seems to the attitude.  It is not a matter of agreeing to disagree, not at all, it is a matter of doing what is right, treating one another with the conscious knowledge that we cannot all know the exact same thing at the exact same time.  What I knew and believed as truth four decades ago is not what I believe and see now.  I have debated (argued?) with others over thing I once held to be “absolute” truth only to find myself being guided to a different view, a view I fought against for many years.  Now I have the privilege of meeting and communicating with other that are in the same place I was in those many years ago.  Some understand this and do seek to share and to hear me out, other chose to argue and even threaten.  Not to hurt me physically, but spiritually, deciding where I should go or where I won’t be when our Lord returns. 
This may be where I find myself in this email.  I hope not, I hope it is a sharing of knowledge and that a theory or bit of speculation does not end what could be a friendship in the Christ. 
The First Question :
“How Did Life Begin”
   Think about it.
Servant Dan’s Response:
 That question has already been answered.  Our Creator called things that never existed before into being.  As hard as that may be to belief, for some, it is the truth and the answer and not, in these modern times, even many earth scientist have come to this same conclusion, that things, species, just suddenly appeared in a spontaneous appearance – Ps 33:9
The subject is about “LIFE” not about the creation of the heavens, but in particular to  the Earth.
The first chapter of Genesis its focus is How” Life” begin on the Earth.
The beginning of life!
For this reason it speaks of the beginning of life on the earth.
focus on what the word “ beginning” is in relation to and what the actual meaning was relating to.
TO LIFE” on the Earth.
Almost every believer and non believer sets their focus to the creation of the heavens . ( The big Bang) and the Earth.
Everyone has heard from every source of teaching that “ Genesis “ means the beginning of the heavens and the earth;  and G-d created the heavens and the earth and simply just that...
Not to many have focused on the word “ beginning” to its actual meaning in relation to the beginning of life on the Earth. Not on how G-d with a big Bang created the heavens.
Creation focus on the creation of the heavens; but not in how he created them. 
While the “ beginning”  its focus is in  springing forth life on the Earth. G-d gives details on how “life” began on the Earth.
Servant Dan’s Response: 
I see the point you are making and it is a good one.  This brings attention to the back to the “point of view”, or from the “view point” we are being introduced to when it comes to the Creation account, if from EARTH, and not from the “beginning” of God Himself, whom we are told has always existed, meaning He has not point of reference.  Some Creationist slide by this under the guise of every word of God is true and meant to be taken literally – mostly true, but then they use this to BOX our Creator God in. 
But wait, doesn’t scripture tell us that “in six days he created heaven and earth and all that is in them”, isn’t this what scripture says?  Yes, and so, let’s have a look at just where it says that –
(Exo 20:11)  For in six days the LORD (YHWH) made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.
You will notice, it does not say, “…made the HEAVENS...”.  If we are we try to say this statement literally means all of the “HEAVENS” then this would include the whole universe including the Heaven were our Heavenly Father’s throne is.  But read it again, it only mentions “heaven” and a single “earth”.  Staying true to the context we have to conclude that the “heaven” mentioned here has to do with the “earth”, right?  If we are to say this is talking about all of creation from the beginning of Universal time then we would have to conclude there is only one planet, Earth, in all of creation.   Some, in times past, have said this but again, this is not according to the Word --
(Heb 11:3)  Through faith
we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.
Remember this verse mentioned earlier?  This verse not only reveals our Creator creates from things we cannot see but that there are other “worlds”.  Notice, it says that “we” understand this, so what happened to believers along the way?  Science, once again, has proven the inspired word of God is true and ahead of what men think they are discovering.  Now read Ex 20:11 again and what do we hear?  YaHWeH, our Creator, made the “heaven” of earth and the “earth” at the same time.  The heaven of earth is what we call our “atmosphere”, the heaven the birds fly in (2 Cor 12:2 – three heavens – Ps 68:33).  The following quote demonstrates how the wording goes when the Third Heaven or the Heavens are framed, which demonstrates the wording of Ex 20:11 is not talking about the Heavens more than around the earth. 
(Neh 9:6)  You, even You, are LORD (YHWH) alone;
You have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth, and all things that are therein, the seas, and all that is therein, and You preserve them all; and the host of heaven worships You.
Your perception concerning “view point” I fully agree with.  The POINT OF VIEW for mankind should be from Earth, the point of our origin and not From Heaven, which, by the way, was the Point of Origin of our Savior, not us.  We are from the dirt of this Earth and our chemical break down is that of common dirt.  Some in the Creationist movement trap themselves limiting God with an attitude that He has revealed all, that we can declare His thoughts and His ways without mistake by putting him in this box we have built.  We should never make the mistake we know it all by a mere one or two words, and we should never, ever, try to put our Creator in a box.  Removing the fog of religious thought is what we, as believers, should be about.  I am most definitely with you on this one.  Consider the following and let us all take care in our approach to what He, our God and Creator, YaHshua, is thinking or has thought or what He will or will not do – or has done. 
(Rom 11:33-34)  Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!  "For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who has been his counselor?"
Once upon a time the Earth was filled with violence and He was sorry for having made man and so He destroyed it all – by water.  He has promised never to do that again, to destroy the Earth by water, that is, but He never said it would not be destroyed again.
Continuing email:
Continue forward
(Genesis 1:1)
In reading the first verse of  chapter one, verse one (
In the beginning G-d created the heavens and the earth}.
Notice : The first verse focus is on the creation of the heavens and then the Earth.
Pertaining  to the creation of the heavens , the matter Is silent there after . ( Then the subject changes in focusing on just the Earth and “
HOW LIFE “ begin on the earth.
Nothing is said in specific terms of how ( G-d) created the heavens ; but places all the focus on how life began on the earth. ( pertaining to the creation of the heavens ; How did Yah create the constellations  the Orion, the stars, the planets which includes the earth being one of the planets, the sun, the moon, & etc. Nothing about how they came into existence . The first verse is silent on this subject.
Then the focus turns to focus on the beginning of life on the earth.
  Servant Dan’s Response:
Sounds good, I see your reasoning and agree.  As discussed earlier, we are both saying the same things in different ways.  This removes the idea that ALL of creation is only 6,000 years old as some are teaching and because of this limited view many Christians find it hard to defend their belief and the Book they believe to be inspired.  This view, as you are stating it, is not a compromise but the truth. 
Continuing email :
The Rabbis are in debate as to the true meaning of the verse in Gen.1:1) some Rabbis say, the words “
” are not in the original Hebrew texts. But only the word “
” which implies to the beginning of life on the earth; and not the beginning of the heavens as a whole and the earth only; but also, including the other planets and such., as the earth was one of the planets in his creation within the heavens that was created.
The Rabbis have concluded that everything in the universe was.  How long ( in the ages or eons of time  as millions of years did the Earth as a whole stood void, and in darkness void of life as any other planet in the darkness of space itself , before G-d chose the earth as a habitation for man and animals and every living thing to be able to exist and live.
In every other planet no life exists and are void of any kind of life as the earth once stood void like the other planets.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
The words “
Upon the face of the  deep
” is implying  to the “ deep space “ of darkness IN SPACE;  that caused the earth to be in total darkness and void of any light  just a dark planet without form, and void .
The face of the deep is NOT implying to the depth ( deep)of  waters that covered the whole earth in water as it was or is presumed to believe .
This is what almost every believer has come to think its implying too. the deepness of the waters in darkness that covered the whole earth in water.
For this reason the belief is that the earth was all covered in water .
Nothing in verse 2 even comes to indicate as such, In fact the opposite.
The earth was a dead dark planet without form, and void of any kind of light and  life.
Being that was the condition of the planet earth; void, and without form; “WATER did not exist in the planet Earth.
it was void of any kind of light and life, just like the rest of the planets void of life .
Servant Dan’s Comment: 
From reading my previous remarks you can tell I do not agree with this view.  It seems the context of this verse is being ignored in your view.  There is not suggestion this “deep” or “abyss” has anything to do with “outer space” and staying in context, has everything to do with the “water” covering the world.  I see what you are trying to do but you have no biblical support for such a view.  The Water, the Face, and the Deep are all “Earth” bound.  We have already read in Nehemiah about the three heavens and the void of Space (which really is not void and empty) is one of these “heavens”, so if the Genesis account meant anything other than the immediate “heaven” around this Earth, or waters covering it, or the deep all related to this place we call home it would have said so just as clearly as Nehemiah wrote about the other Heavens.  Genesis, however, as you said, does not give us all of the details on every specific but we get enough to see this “creation” MOMENT is all about the Earth. 
The Rabbis believe that the existence of the constellations with the planets within the universe have been existing for millions of years long before G-d chose the earth that would be a habitation for man and life; and like all the other planets was void, and in darkness.
The bible is silent in how the creation of the heavens and the planets the earth being one of the planets and how they came into existence,  G-d being silent in this matter.
Scientist are baffle how the universe and everything came into existence. The theory is “ the big bang” which is not actual facts, but based in theory and not on fact. Therefore G-d  kept it in silence for him and only him to know.
Servant Dan’s Comment: 
The Inspired words from the Bible are not “silent”.  I have already presented scripture that clearly states exactly how things came into being.  The world of science, so called evolutionary science has spent decade upon decades trying to prove the “theory” of evolutions – things coming into being by a slow process over millions and millions of years, eventually things slowly adapted to earth changing events ending up in the billions upon billions of life forms we have today.  The Word of God has been tell us for Centuries that all we see, all of this life, was called into being, that the Creative force commanded and life began as our Creator imagined it.  Now, get this – modern scientist of evolutionary thought has been telling us for a couple of decades now, about the big bang where all of the Universe came into being suddenly – oh, sure they stretch this big bang out over millions of years which is fine but now they are doing the same thing with the evolution of species on Earth.  Yes, being unable to prove the slow process of species theory, not being able to support this fantasy creation of adaptation some have called for “spontaneous” creation.  It seems the answer to sudden appearances of species with no known ties to past species, all of those missing links has led many a scientist to begin to suggest that some things just appear, as if out of nothing – Spontaneous Creation.  Little do they know they are agreeing with the Inspired Word of God that has been telling us this very thing for thousands of years.  We should read it again – call it the big bang or the Word of our Creator – Big Bang, or Big Breath? 
(Psa 33:6-9)  By the
word of the LORD (YHWH) the heavens were made, and by the breath of His mouth all their host. He gathers the waters of the sea as a heap; He puts the deeps in storehouses.  Let all the earth fear the LORD (YHWH); let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him!  For He spoke, and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm.
Those in the intellectual world of theory have only discovered what already was and has been from the time our Creator God brought things into being. 
In the very same verse ( Gen.1:2)
And the spirit of G-d moved upon the face of the waters.
The end of this verse in the above, became puzzling to me.
Just before,  it stated that the earth was without form, and void. Water was not existing on the earth. Then follows (
And the spirit of G-d moved upon the face of the waters.)
This waters in which the spirit of G-d moved upon them did not exist on the earth!
My question in asking the L-rd was:
Where were this waters existing in which the spirit of G-d moved upon the face of the  waters; if water was not existing on the earth?
nothing in this verse gives any indication that the Earth was covered in water; but, that the condition of the planet earth was a dark planet without form, and void of any light and life on it.
Servant’s Comment: 
Hold on here.  First you make a wrong assumption and this error then leads you to questioning what the clear word is saying.  If you are going to support your earlier thoughts then of course this makes not sense but only because you have misplaced the events and the point of view this is all happening here on this planet, not in outer space.  You first began with that thought, then transferred to a different idea about how all of this really was about a view in outer space, or in the heavens of the Universe, a contradiction that you now carry even further.  It is little wonder you question this verse at this stage in your thinking.  First, you cannot keep saying things that are without form and void are as nothing.  Does a planet exist if it is said to be without form and void?  How could we even talk about it if it were not in existence?  If we are going to say the writer mean totally without form we would have to say this planet never existed and if it did not exist then why even mention it?  No, we know the author of Genesis is not making the point of nonexistence but is making a point concerning certain bodies in space with the focus on this planet we call Earth.  The remarks indicate this planet had not life on it, that it has no purpose, hidden in the darkness of space, a useless chunk covered in lifeless water.  We do not need to make it anything more than it is.  Your first assessment about the view point being from Earth was correct but then you transitioned to a false assumption that then put your first observation in question, a back door contradiction.
Many have probably never questioned this verse of scripture . I found it to be very puzzling.
And because of the ending of this very words in verse two of chapter one, many have come to believe that the earth was all covered in water.
Naturally that has become the mindset of belief among believers and non believers.
Where were this waters existing at ; that , the spirit of G-d moved upon them?
The next verse follows as such: ( Genesis 1:3)
And G-d said, let there be “light”; and there was light.
we understand that in the natural sense water creates electricity ( Light).
Three things I noticed in these few verses of scripture.
(1) The Spirit  (2) the water (3) the light , which is the substance of “LIFE” to exist.
The beginning of “life” on the Earth to exist  was in the substance of the spirit, the water, and the light.
(I John 1:7)
For there are “THREE” that bear record in heaven, The father, The word, and the Holy Spirit; and this ‘three” are one.
( I John 1:8)
And there are “three” that bear witness in  earth, (1 ) the spirit (2) the water (3) and the blood; and these ‘three” agree in one.
Remembering that the focus point is in the beginning ( Gen.1: 2, 3) was on the earth,  when “life” begin on the Earth.
Three bear witness in Earth. The spirit, the water, the light , which are the substance of birthing life on the earth in the beginning.
The above verse  that bears witness in earth was the spirit, the water, the light for life to exist on the earth in the beginning. The blood speaks of life. ( For the life is in the blood).
lets now focus back to the question. Where were these waters existing when the spirit of G-d moved upon the face of this waters? being that the earth was void of life; and water didn`t exist on the earth.
In order to see the insight of the verses above and the “Three” that bear record in Earth which is the spirit, the water, the light for life to exist on the earth in the beginning; We must now find out where these waters existed to be able to bring forth life on the earth.
Servant’s Comment:
  First, the verse you are using to support this new idea is questionable.  Many commentators have pointed out this verse in 1 John was a later addition by some scribe or copyist attempting to give support for the Trinity Doctrine.  You could be right in what you are saying about how all of this ties together in the LIFE FORM from our Heavenly Father and through His Son and our Creator and the process from which we eventually will move from flesh to spirit.  But – forcing this into the creative narrative in the Book of Genesis seems to be assuming too much.  It could all be correct but not in how you are making it happen.  First off, as we have already seen, the act of creation, the act of bringing physical life into being was by His mere COMMAND – He spoke and it was, by the breathe of His mouth He commanded and things that never existed before came into being.  Spontaneous creation by His Words.  Now we can read John 1:1-3, 14 and understand it – “In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with GOD…”   and again, “… there was nothing that was created that was not created by Him and for Him…”  YaHshua is the Creative tool of our Heavenly Father.  YaHshua was previously the WORD of the Living God and was the tool by which all things were created. 
(Heb 1:1-2)  God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, Has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things,
by whom also he made the worlds; KJV –
The NIV says, “…by whom He created the Universe”
(Eph 3:9)  And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God,
who created all things by YaHshua the Christ:
(John 1:3) 
All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made.
We can speculate all we want but the inspired word is clear – everything was created by YaHshua as the Word of God the Father from the very beginning.  To Him we give honor and glory and by Him we have access to the Father, even calling Him Father.  “Our Father in Heaven, Holy is your Name, your Kingdom Come Your will be done …”
“ The Revelation knowledge of the waters” in which the spirit of G-d moved upon the waters. is given to us in the book of Revelations 22: 1,2).
We have heard that if we understand the beginning of things we shall also know the ending , which points back to the beginning of life on the earth.
These  waters in which the spirit of G-d moved upon did not exist on the earth. to bring forth the light.
These  waters in which the spirit of G-d moved upon; which existed were  the waters, that “
He is the “LIGHT” of the world ( Earth).
( Rev.22:1,2)
Servant’s Comment:
  These verses are misplaced.  I get the point being made but this water flowing out is, again, on Earth, this Earth and is given a time frame after the Millennial rule of the Messiah over this physical Earth.  Also, I don’t get this idea that “water creates light”?  In the Genesis account the Light spoken of is obviously the sun and it is not water that generates its light but an all-consuming, burning fire of gases.  I think you are messing with the Word and its clear meanings too much.  Looking for some hidden meanings that are not there.  This becomes more of a search into mysticism, much as the Jewish Kabbala does making every physical thing some kind of secret message.  Devils and demons, witches and warlocks do this very same thing using the elements as symbols of mythic proportions with hidden meanings that only they can discover by some great spiritual insight.  All of this might be true, the physical world we see may be a representation of things Spiritual – even the Word suggests this, but we are warned not to follow this path because it leads to the worship of the things created as opposed to the Creator Himself.  Also, it appears to me that the LIGHT source is not the Water but God Himself, even our Messiah, YaHshua is called the Light of the World
This pure river of water was the waters that the spirit of G-d moved upon them in which brought forth the light. from the seat of his throne.
Following the next verse:
In the midst of the street of it =
( what is “
” referring too.) The throne of G-d and of the Lamb; in which the waters of life flow out off NOTICE”
and on either side of the the river of life is the tree of life.
In this verse speaks that the tree of life is in the center ( midst) of the living waters that flow around the tree of life.
it is the tree of life that purifies the waters pure and crystal clear that makes the waters to become  living waters of life that watered the earth to spring forth life on the earth.
the tree of life bear 12 manner of fruit, and yielded her fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
The revelation knowledge to my question was also made known . “ What water has the capability to purify the Earth  in a Mikva ( baptism of water ) as a cleansing agent .
The ‘light”  in which G-d said let there be “light”  ( Gen.1:3) and it was so; was the substance of the spirit of G-d that moved upon the waters (living waters of life)  that proceeded out of the throne of G-d; that, the light was produced= made= created by the living waters of life that proceeded out of the throne of G-d to bring forth the light. 
( Gen. 1: 4)
And G-d  saw the light, that it was good; and G-d  divided “The light” from darkness and G-d called “ The Light”  day, and the darkness he called night, and the evening and the morning were the first day.
We are told that we will know the ending by the beginning.( Meaning: That we will understand the beginning of all things by understanding the ending which gives light to the beginning. Another way for putting it is: We are returning to the place we were in before the fall of man before the curse fell on man and on the earth.
Which it agrees with ( Rev. 22:3)
And there shall be no “curse” ; notice: but the throne of G-d and of the Lamb shall be in it.
( in otherwords: the words “ shall be in it” is referring to the living waters of life that is proceeding out from the throne of G-d and of the Lamb and the  earth shall no longer be under a curse, and there shall be no curse. ( Just like it was in the beginning when Adam walked with G-d  believing before he partook of the forbidden fruit which brought the curse of  G-d upon the earth ( ground) for Adams sake.. This curse was death upon all humanity and the earth and every living thing on the earth.
G-d told Adam that on the day he would partake of the forbidden fruit you shall surely die. when he did , death came forth upon all creation; and he began to age where time ( began by having birthdays ) ageing which brought forth death , only to die.
The waters of life which proceeded ( flowed out) of the throne of G-d was what gave the earth to exist as a life living planet.
For better understanding : without “light” life cannot birth ( come forth.)
Notice: The Earth was without form, and void, ( of life) “ AND DARKNESS” was upon the face of the deep.
( this indicating that the Earth was in darkness. life cannot exist in darkness for it needs the “light” .
“life” did not come ( to sprout to give birth on the Earth; until G-d brought forth the “light”.
Without “light” , “Life” cannot come forth; or “life” cannot exist.
because the “spirit “, “light”, and “water” are the essentials substances in forming or to bring forth life on the earth.
In the same way, all  those who except the gift of life by faith in Yahshua the Messiah just as the spirit, water of life which Yahshua spoke off saying: You that thirst come and drink from the water of life freely. You shall have the ‘light” of life shining forth in you.
This are the essentials and substance of being born again as a child of the kingdom of G-d.
I wanted to bring this to your attention.
I won`t jot down the verses of scripture in the book of Ezekiel 47: 1-12)
I would have you to read from verse 1- 12) its speaking about the living waters of life. good eye opener.
Servant Dan’s Response:
  Thanks for sharing, Stella.  Much of what you have said I cannot disagree with.  The coming of the Lord is the next step toward a new beginning.  And who can argue with someone that says the Lord revealed certain things to them?  That would be like arguing with God Himself to disagree.  All things point toward our Savior and our Light, YaHshua.  However you put it the truth always comes back to Him and our Life in Him.  When we experience the New Heavens and the New Earth we will understand all of the workings of the Spirit.  He is the light of the World a light not bound by the physical – for we are told that so long as He, YaHshua, was in the world He was the Light – now He is gone but has promised to return and when He does He will be the Light to all mankind. 
(John 9:5) As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.
(John 1:4-5) In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.  And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
(John 12:45-46) And he that sees me sees Him that sent me. I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on Me should not abide in darkness.
There is another light, a Light that is unapproachable, a Light no man has ever seen to whom is all honor and power forever and ever – this is our Heavenly Father.  YaHshua is a representation of that “unapproachable Light” and neither of these are from Water, but living waters come from them.  Living water is just that, water with life in it.  Water of and by itself, in its purist form is not alive.  Water gives our physical bodies life, but it is not this water that gives us eternal life, that water, for those of Earth, will come from beneath the Throne, as you stated, but the real life of eternity, the life and light of our eternity is YaHshua Himself by the power of our Heavenly Father, the source of the true and eternal LIGHT. 
(1Ti 6:16) Who only has immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man has seen, nor can see: to whom be honor and power everlasting. Amen.
Thanks for the detailed view and sharing how you are seeing things.  We do not have to agree on every point to be brothers and sisters in the Faith.  In fact it is exchanges such as these that help us all to grow in knowledge of Him.  We look for this approval, not the approval of men -- (2Ti 2:15)  Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth – Let this be our moto, understanding that if we knew it all now then we would have no need for “study” or “understanding” and if we need to “study” for understanding then we have to assume we do not know it all.  This, of course leads to disagreements but should not lead to questioning our Salvation which is based on our confession that YaHshua is the Son of God and our Savior in the promise of eternity.  He is the Light of our Salvation.  It all comes back to Him.  Peace, Dan
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